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The rise of pulp in the international market and the rise of paper packaging boxes by 20%

the rise in the price of raw materials such as pulp and oil in the international market is affecting the payment amount of domestic buyers every time they click the mouse to place an order. It was learned yesterday that the paper packaging box will rise by about 20% next year. People will have to pay more for the packaging of these goods when they buy snacks, clothes and other items from the Internet. A courier company named Yuantong also took the opportunity to raise the price. The price of each express in the province increased by 1.5 yuan

paper packaging box rose 20%

letao is an e-commerce station dealing in shoes. At present, it sends orders on average every day, and the 2 experimental machine has more than 000 detection times of 15 seconds when it is turned on. This e-commerce station has received a notice of price increase from the upstream shoebox supply enterprise: each shoebox will rise by about 20% next year. E-commerce companies pay attention to small profits and quick turnover. The profits are calculated by a few cents, and the cost of the whole process is very strict. This price rise is inevitable for commercial enterprises

it is reported that due to the different pulp used, the thickness and hardness of paper packaging boxes are different, and the unit price of packaging boxes is different. The cost of paper shoe packaging box is generally around 2 yuan, and if the shoe box is thicker and harder, the cost is about 5 yuan. There are many shopkeepers on Taobao who deal in paper packaging boxes. The inquiry found that in the store with the largest sales of paper footwear packaging boxes and the problems that should be paid attention to when installing the hydraulic universal testing machine, the price of a pink cow leather shoes storage box is 7.90 yuan, and the express delivery fee from Shanghai to Beijing is 10 yuan. In addition, for small boxes used to pack cosmetics, paper ones generally need to use five-layer thickened small cartons. The postal No. 6 carton with length, width and height of 260, 150 and 180 (mm) has five layers of thickening, and the single price is about 1 yuan. At present, most of the packages delivered to the door after people purchase are paper packaging, and the packages are generally multi-layered in order to prevent collision and scratch. This also indicates that in the future, people will have to pay more for packaging after purchasing goods from the market

express delivery costs rise by at least 1 yuan per order

due to the continuous increase in labor costs and transportation costs, especially the recent increase in fuel prices, the operating costs of express delivery companies have been further increased, resulting in the price adjustment of domestic express delivery. According to the announcement of 189 tower crane issued by Yuantong express, the express price has been appropriately increased on the original basis since the 1st of this month. Among them, each document in the province is increased by 1.5 yuan, and each document across regions is increased by 2 yuan; The first weight of goods in the province is increased by 1.5 yuan per kilogram, and the continued weight is increased by 1 yuan per kilogram. The power of the selected Electromechanical is only 46 yuan; The first weight of cross regional goods is increased by 2 yuan per kilogram, and the continued weight is increased by 1 yuan per kilogram

in addition, Yunda express also issued a price increase announcement. From November 2, the express price will be increased by 1 yuan/ticket to 1.5 yuan/ticket (non sample) and 1 yuan/kg to 1.5 yuan/kg (sample) on the original basis

carton recycling is not cost-effective.

Chen Hu, vice president of letao, said that the company currently sends more than 2000 orders every day and needs to use more than 2000 shoe boxes. Some price increases can be offset by changing large manufacturers and increasing order volume, but the cost increase is inevitable. After receiving the purchased package, many people cut open the outer package, and the inner package was thrown away, while some cartons were not damaged. Can these shoe boxes be recycled and reused? Chen Hu said that the cost of a single intra city express delivery is about 5 yuan. If a box is delivered to Beijing from other places, it will cost more than 10 yuan. The labor cost is far higher than the price of a carton itself. Shoe box recycling is not cost-effective economically

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