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Design advantages and features of the spring-loaded automatic oiler pulsarlube s

the spring-loaded automatic oiler pulsarlube s has a delicate new design. The design feature is that a spring is installed at the bottom of the lubricator, which pushes the lubricant up into the grease inlet hole of the lubricator at one time, and then pushes it down to the guide sleeve and enters the lubrication point. The upward piston movement prevents the possibility of grease dripping due to gravity effect, and keeps the lubricant intact in the oil gun, so as to prevent the hardening of the grease and allow the lubricator to completely empty its contents


① when the lubricator uses another end hole, it has a built-in piston clamp, which can prevent oil separation when it is kept

② it is quickly installed and easy to damage the adhesion ability of water washing test smooth grease, etc. to identify the delicate part of the function of the product I use - the sensor (which can be filled with oil in advance and randomly confirm the provinces (regions, cities) under supervision and random inspection every year)

③ it is more reliable than any other traditional spring lubricator More effective

④ easy to operate

⑤ designed with different dose ratios, suitable for use in any place

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