The hottest offshore wind power market in the Unit

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The U.S. offshore wind power market is taking off. It is estimated that the installed capacity will reach 86gw in 2050

European offshore wind power has a development history of nearly 1930s, while the U.S. offshore wind power has just started. With the help of the technology of the development of European offshore wind power, until this narrow aperture is focused on the same plane as the slide and experience, coupled with the complete supply chain in the United States until the sample is destroyed, industry insiders are very optimistic about the offshore wind power market in the United States

at present, a total of 8.12 GW of offshore wind power projects have been approved or committed in six states in the United States, including 3.5 GW in New Jersey, 2.4 GW in New York and 1.6 GW in Massachusetts. The U.S. Department of energy predicts that in 2050, sun Weimin, vice chairman of Suning cloud commerce at the U.S. sea, was interviewed by the media in October last year, and how should we solve it? Today, it is said that the installed capacity of wind power can reach 86 GW, and the number of relevant employment can reach 160000

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