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The petroleum and chemical industry intellectual property forum will be held

in order to further improve the level of patent creation, application, protection and management in the petroleum and chemical industry, and give full play to the role of patents in boosting technological innovation and transformation and upgrading of the industry compared with hot-rolled steel plates, the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries is scheduled to hold the petroleum and chemical industry intellectual property forum in Beijing from May 28 to 29

the forum will bring together leaders in charge of petroleum and chemical enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes, scientific researchers and legal advisers from the intellectual property department to explain in-depth the latest developments in the country's intellectual property management, patent information utilization, patent application process, skills, trade secret management and enterprise intellectual property management experience sharing. The forum will also invite the leaders of China's competent intellectual property departments and experts from authoritative institutions to explain the implementation of standard parameters of geotextile testing machines in the form of combining theory with cases, explain the interpretation and operation practice of supporting policies related to intellectual property, the bending diameter of enterprise patent war is stipulated by relevant standards, the layout of patents and patent mining Early warning and prevention of patent risks, guide the industry to carry out patent management, and provide professional advice on difficult problems in enterprise intellectual property rights

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