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Oil and gas and downstream industries are rapidly entering the digital era

Sinochem news according to the news of oil and gas technology on October 7, the downstream and oil and gas industries are rapidly entering the digital era. The ongoing transformation will ultimately affect all aspects of the industry's global supply chain

&ems helps it achieve the two most important goals at present - to improve fuel utilization p; Claudia Zuluaga, chief digital product manager of shell, said, "this industry is undergoing a dual transformation. One is decarbonization, the other is digital transformation."

she said, "although the oil and gas industry is going through one of the most dynamic periods of technological change in history, now the industry's task is to prepare the workforce for the future that has actually come. She outlined shell's global predictive maintenance strategy based on machine learning as the use of artificial intelligence (AI) throughout shell's operations Part of the strategy

&emsp both sides carried out cooperation and exchange on the carbon fiber body lightweight project; "Compared with human brain, artificial intelligence can calculate a large amount of data in a few seconds. But enterprises have digitalization, and in order to obtain value, the core of the results and insights generated by digital transformation is people."

Stuart Broadley, CEO of the Energy Industry Council, presided over the morning meeting of "digital disruption". As long as there is Internet connectivity, he pointed out that each milestone in the oil and gas industry has been shaped in various ways

"In 2014, everything is related to 'oil'. In order to cope with this crisis, the focus in 2015 and 2016 is to reduce costs. Then, in 2017, the focus is to shut down. In 2018, digitalization has become the mainstream. However, 20 various physical and mechanical property tests of plastic films and materials such as rubber, wires and cables, steel, glass fiber, etc. for material development, the focus in 19 years is energy transformation. In the future of low-carbon energy, the opportunity of digitalization is Here it is. "

this change will require the oil and gas industry to shift from being responsible to shareholders to being responsible to stakeholders

marcos abech, head of digital change management at Braskem, said, "the chemical industry can learn a lot from other industries."

no lack of data. A large refinery can produce up to 1TB of data every day. However, the key to improving productivity is to ensure the best use of the generated data

Elena cinquegrana, director of digital products and partnerships at BP downstream digital, said: "data should be used as a decision-making tool, not a trading tool. Our purpose is to make decisions at the greatest point of knowledge - which means you have the right data at the right time to deliver value."

at the same time, synergies with data rich companies such as Amazon are increasingly emerging. Dr Satyam priyadarthy, Halliburton technology researcher and chief data scientist, said: "they are entering the oil and gas industry because they are the drivers of more mature technology platforms."

but the traffic between data companies and oil and gas companies is not a one-way street. In fact, delegates discussed whether oil and gas companies can now be regarded as "data" companies

therefore, the future of digitalization is within reach. This opportunity for low-carbon energy enterprises is setting off a real boom in the oil and gas industry

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