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Guangdong offshore wind power reappears "Fengyun", and 8 wind power industry chain projects are started at the same time

at 9:30 this morning, major projects of Guangdong (Yangjiang) offshore wind power equipment manufacturing industry base and China (Yangjiang) alloy material industry base were successfully held in Yangjiang equipment manufacturing base of Longma group in Yangjiang high tech Zone. Guests attending the commencement ceremony included fanxianguo, chairman of Shandong Longma holding group, Li Biao, general manager of Guangdong Yongjin Metal Technology Co., Ltd., Zhai endi, chief engineer of Xinjiang Jinfeng Technology Co., Ltd., Wang Jie, general manager of Jiangsu CRRC Motor Co., Ltd., and other relevant enterprise representatives. Chen Ji, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Yangjiang Municipal Committee and executive vice mayor, delivered a speech at the commencement ceremony, and Zhang Lei, vice mayor of Yangjiang, presided over the ceremony

At the ceremony, Chen Ji said that in recent years, Yangjiang City has conscientiously implemented the relevant work deployment of the provincial government to "concentrate on the construction of Yangjiang wind power equipment industrial base", planned to build a 7.4 square kilometer offshore wind power equipment industrial base, and has settled and plans to settle 28 projects, and the formation of a world-class wind power industrial base is accelerating. At the same time, taking the stainless steel industry as a breakthrough, Yangjiang City has also accelerated the construction of a modern industrial system, actively introduced, cultivated and developed industries such as stainless steel smelting, hot rolling, cold rolling, reliable and inexpensive imitation of the operation requirements of electric 1 mechanical conversion material tensile testing machine, and achieved new breakthroughs in the complete industrial chain of alloy materials, and the alloy material industrial cluster of more than 100 billion yuan has taken shape

"the commencement of these projects will have a positive and far-reaching impact on the city's economic and social development and the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure." Chen Ji said that in the next step, Yangjiang will take the high-tech zone as the main battlefield of economic development, create a loose environment for project construction, provide first-class services, and make every effort to build the high-tech zone into a new highland for investment attraction, a gathering place for emerging industries, and the main engine of economic development

the leaders attending the meeting laid the foundation for the commencement ceremony of major projects

there were 8 projects in this commencement ceremony, including Longma group Yangjiang high-end equipment manufacturing base project, Jinfeng technology offshore wind turbine manufacturing project, Jiangsu CRRC motor manufacturing project, wind power base supporting project, Shenzhen Hewang electrical equipment manufacturing project, Hongwang group 700000 tons of stainless steel cold rolling project, Yongjin group 680000 tons of stainless steel cold rolling project The total planned investment of the fastener phase I project is 17.8 billion yuan, and the output value is expected to reach 40.5 billion yuan after it is put into operation

on the construction site, we interviewed a number of enterprise representatives, who are full of expectations for the future development of Guangdong (Yangjiang) offshore wind power equipment manufacturing industry base with the economic recovery and major projects in China (Yangjiang) alloy material industry base

entering a new era, deepening reform and starting again, Yangjiang not only firmly grasps the traditional advantageous industry of "alloy materials", but also plays a "combined fist" of Yangjiang's economic development by developing wind power and new energy

Xinjiang Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production and sales of large-scale wind turbines, as well as the introduction, development and application of technology. It is the largest manufacturer of wind turbines in China. In October last year, the company signed an investment agreement with Yangjiang City to settle the wind turbine project in the high-tech zone, with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan. It is expected to produce 100 sets of wind turbines per year, with an output value of 5billion yuan. It will build a production base for offshore wind turbines and corresponding supporting parts, a big data center, and a wind power smart energy base, and cooperate with regional colleges to establish training institutions and transfer talents

"the commencement ceremony of this project will lay a good foundation for the construction of offshore wind power in Guangdong." Zhai endi, chief engineer of Xinjiang Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd., said that Goldwind will gradually settle offshore and offshore offshore wind power projects in Yangjiang to further develop the offshore wind power industry in Yangjiang. "In the future, we will base ourselves on Yangjiang, radiate the whole province, look at the whole country and enter the world."

breaking through the encirclement and building a "closed-loop" economic chain under the pattern of "melting the bay"

the construction of major projects of Guangdong (Yangjiang) offshore wind power equipment manufacturing industry base and China (Yangjiang) alloy material industry base is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Yangjiang. Yangjiang City should firmly seize this opportunity to become an opportunity to integrate into the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and take great steps to build an important strategic fulcrum of the coastal economic belt The goal of building a modern coastal city suitable for living, working and traveling is striding forward

the year 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of our country, and it is also a key year for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. p>

thanks to a long time, now the offshore wind power equipment manufacturing industry base and the alloy material industry base are both established in Yangjiang, which is exactly changing the original "short board" of Yangjiang into a "potential board" of economic development. Through the development of alloy materials, we can provide low-cost raw materials for offshore wind power projects without leaving the park, which not only reduces the transportation mileage and cost, but also enables the organic combination of upstream and downstream industries, linking the Yangjiang equipment manufacturing industry and realizing butterfly transformation

next, how to use this "closed loop" to calculate the economic account will be a huge test for the process of deformation strengthening of metals in Yangjiang City from yield limit to fracture. By building the whole industrial chain, how to promote the development of high-tech zones and turn the main battlefield of economic development into the main venue of urban revitalization is the top priority of future work

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