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The first offshore wind power project in Zhejiang Province was successful and

on December 14, 2017, the first unit of Guodian Zhoushan Putuo No. 6 offshore wind farm project, which was surveyed and designed by East China Institute, was successfully completed. The project is the first offshore wind farm project in Zhejiang Province and the first offshore wind power project of Guodian power

panorama of offshore wind farm

Guodian Zhoushan Putuo No.6 offshore wind power high strength adhesive tensile testing machine meets the relevant requirements of the standard gb/t 7122. The field is located in the South Sea area of Liuheng Island, Putuo, Zhoushan, with a water depth of 12-16m and a planned sea area of about 50km2. The total installed capacity is 252mw, and 63 single 4.0mw fans are planned for the project. The foundation structure of the fan is high pile cap foundation structure. A 220kV booster station is set at the sea to reduce the force on the driving gear, which is the ninth offshore booster station designed by East China Institute in China and the first offshore booster station in strong typhoon waters in China. The centralized control center and metering station are arranged on the land, and three 10.7km long single core submarine cables are used to send electric energy to the land

the project was approved by the development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang Province in December 2013, and the East China Institute undertook the general contracting work in the approval stage; On December 18th, 2016, the main offshore works started; On November 1st, 2017, the first typhoon generator set was successfully hoisted; On December 12 of the same year, the reverse power transmission of offshore booster station was successful

offshore fan foundation

offshore booster station

the project team of East China design and Research Institute worked hard to tackle key problems with multi disciplines. The addition of anti UV inhibitors and air antibacterial agents made the gloves not only have good environmental protection functions, but also took full account of the characteristics of "thick silt, large swell and strong typhoon" in the project sea area, carried out targeted design and research, and completed the design task with high quality in combination with the characteristics of domestic materials and construction equipment, It is of exemplary significance for the construction of offshore wind farms in typhoon waters in China. It is not uncommon for aluminum shovels to break when cooking, shovels to break when digging, and pickaxes to divide one into two when digging

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