The hottest oil and electricity giant has suffered

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Oil and electricity giants have suffered a "bitter summer" and oil and electricity price reform is imperative.

the National Bureau of Statistics recently released data showing that from January to May 2008, the national oil processing and coking industry turned from a profit of 35.2 billion yuan in the same period last year to a net loss of 44.3 billion yuan. It is reported that the heavy losses in the oil processing industry and the sharp decline in the profits of the power industry caused by the upside down of oil prices and the rising prices of electric coal have become the main reasons for the sharp decline in the growth rate of industrial profits from January to May

Hong Kong's Ming Pao recently published an article signed "Feng Qishi", saying that in the hot summer, the mainland oil and power monopoly giant is feeling the chill never before seen in the construction of a 20000 ton lithium carbonate project in Chaerhan Salt Lake: Policy losses have brought them into a bitter summer

the boss of PetroChina group recently made it clear that it plans to reduce the total number of employees by 5% in the next three years - about 80000 people. Before that, the president of Guodian took the lead in reducing salary by 30% in view of the current loss situation. According to authoritative statistics, in the first five months of this year, the oil processing and coking industry and the power industry lost more than 100 billion yuan, accounting for more than half of the total industry

in mid June, Chinese officials raised oil and electricity prices. The price adjustment relies on the strong media resources of Jung group. Although the range is not small, it has not changed the essence of price inversion

according to the article, it is obvious that at present, the pressure of oil and electricity to trade subsidies for space is increasing, and the government will eventually face the marketization of oil and electricity prices. Some experts said frankly that long-term pain is better than short-term pain, and we should use marketization to straighten out the energy price system. In terms of electricity, we should also straighten out the electricity trading and coal supply mode

among them, the benefits can enable all interested parties to perform their respective duties and responsibilities, including the expectations of the capital market, which are also well-known. It is not a nonsense account, and it is unclear who is to blame. Of course, it is easy to say, and it involves many interest games. But it can be asserted that the oil and electricity price reform is imperative, and the price adjustment may be made after the Olympic Games. As for small steps or big moves, we have to wait and see. However, from Wen Jiabao's recent semantic conjecture about controllable, affordable and balanced price increases, the "bitter summer" of oil and electricity giants is far from over

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