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The offshore wind power project achieved the localization of primary electrical equipment for the first time

on July 24, at the acceptance meeting of 220kV offshore voltage rise station of 300MW project held at Zhenhua offshore engineering base in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, the 220kV Main Transformer, 252kvgis, 40.5kV sulfur hexafluoride gas insulated switchgear and other equipment provided by TBEA Hengyang Transformer Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as TBEA Hengyang Transformer Co., Ltd.) for the project successfully passed the acceptance. As the first offshore booster station with complete intellectual property rights in China, the successful acceptance of the project marks that China has broken the long-term monopoly of offshore by foreign joint ventures, and the offshore wind power project has achieved the localization of primary electrical equipment for the first time

the offshore booster station platform is located in the marine environment. In addition to its special transportation requirements, all equipment and components have high requirements for anti-corrosion grade, earthquake resistance and tilt resistance, equipment safety, reasonable structural design and full reliability. We also hope to further improve the technical capacity requirements of the industry's only Southwest aluminum (Group) Co., Ltd. to produce a little aluminum lithium alloy chain through industrial technology exchange, At the same time, it also needs to meet the unattended design. Due to the high technical threshold, the integrated supply market of offshore wind power equipment has been growing for a long time in the past 12 The electrode tensile testing machine provides a variety of report printing interfaces, which are shared by Siemens and abb, and the product price is high. At present, of the 15 offshore wind power projects under construction and built in China, 9 are ABB projects and 5 are Siemens projects. This time, China's TBEA hengbian company is the first in China

in order to break the monopoly in the field of offshore wind power, TBEA hengbian began to promote the localization of offshore wind power equipment during the 12th Five Year Plan period, and conducted in-depth research on the technologies of high reliability, maintenance free, equipment miniaturization, salt spray corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance and subversion resistance of offshore wind power equipment. During the product design, a series of optimized layouts are carried out, such as the overall assembly scheme. Compared with the overall sub assembly block scheme of foreign-funded enterprises, the small, intensive and modular equipment is realized, the construction time of secondary wiring is shortened, and the problem of high error rate of field wiring can be properly solved

it is reported that at present, the 220kV offshore booster station of the Three Gorges Dafeng 300MW offshore wind power project has been completed on land, and all electrical equipment has been installed and tested to be qualified. It is expected that the first batch of units and power generation will be realized in October this year. According to Fang of China Three Gorges Group Co., Ltd., due to the use of domestic equipment, compared with similar equipment currently in operation, this offshore booster station has the shortest manufacturing cycle, the smallest volume and the lowest cost

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