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Offshoring: make full preparations for the privacy regulations issued by the Indian government

ctiforum on May 17 (compiler/Liu Yu): the Indian government has finally taken a step to create a complete set of data protection regulations to protect privacy, but this proposed regulation released this spring may have a significant impact on global enterprises doing outsourcing business with India

miriam H. wugmeister, partner of Morrison Foerster law firm, and Cynthia J. rich, senior international policy analyst of the company, jointly said that the draft for processing personal information would be more stringent than either the gramm leach bliley act in the United States or the EU directive act in the European Union. It will put forward new requirements for outsourcing service providers in India or enterprises that maintain their own business

HFS, an outsourcing analysis company, filters out some script identifiers and some useless advertising information. Tony filippone, deputy general manager of research, said, "in view of all personal identity information, confidential information, sensitive data collected by the organization, purely in the process of doing business, it is time for the Indian government to take action to update its policies." He pointed out that India's privacy law has remained unchanged for more than 100 years

David rutchik, a partner of pace harmony, an outsourcing consulting company, said that the whole offshore outsourcing industry has made slow progress in protecting personal information, and offshore outsourcing companies lack a sense of urgency in data protection, which has created a lot of uncertainty for outsourcing customers

the Indian government issued new rules to show new commitments in strict data protection, but they may curb offshore outsourcing. Most notably, prior written consent is required for the collection and use of Indian citizens and any personal sensitive data collected in the country without exception

filippone said, "the specific content and implementation time of the regulation have not been clarified, and it may not be implemented for a period of time to rotate the objective lens with which one is used. In the transitional period, every outsourcing customer has a hard time."

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