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Ogilvy star lubricating oil, with its top racing oil, made a high-profile appearance in Zhengzhou lubricating oil exhibition

Ogilvy star lubricating oil, with its top racing oil, made a high-profile appearance in Zhengzhou lubricating oil exhibition

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Zhengzhou lubricating oil exhibition

from May 28 to 30, 2017, the seventh China lubricating oil, grease and automobile maintenance exhibition will soon open in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, an important place in the Central Plains. As the only national lubricant exhibition in the central region, Zhengzhou lubricant exhibition provides a stage for the national auto parts industry to display high-quality products, update products, exchange technology, negotiate trade and brand publicity, and also provides strong strategic support for well-known lubricant enterprises to enter the central market

as a flag of Min piston's maximum working speed: about 100mm/min family lubricant brand, lubtop is the leading brand of independent brands in China's lubricant industry. Tiantai group attaches great importance to the radiation and driving effect of this exhibition in the central region and is fully prepared for this brand event. At that time, the group will bring its Ogilvy star brand series of automotive oil, 10w-60 top racing oil, engineering machinery oil, industrial oil and auxiliary oil products. In the first half of this year, a provincial engineering research center of Zhongguan new materials technology company will be newly added to the exhibition, looking forward to "talking about the sword" with friends from all walks of life in Zhengzhou, sharing their development vision and the feast of the exhibition

super large booth, luxurious and domineering,

Ogilvy star 180 square meter super large booth,

high profile debut at Zhengzhou lubricant exhibition

adhering to the brand concept of "making oil for the Chinese people", with the brand vision of "building the first brand of domestic lubricants" and the brand appeal of "raising a car and protecting a family", Ogilvy star lubricants has achieved the ultimate in every drop of oil and every service in practice. In just a few years, it has stood out in the highly competitive industry and won widespread praise in the market. As a rising star in the lubricant industry, Ogilvy star takes the opportunity of this Zhengzhou exhibition to further cultivate the industry, constantly explore new market areas, and inject new development impetus into the young Ogilvy star

from May 28 to 30, let's meet at booth t078 of Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center.

see you or leave

address: No.1 Central Park, business inner ring road, Zhengdong New Area

about ogistar

ogistar lubricant is a national lubricant brand controlled by multinational listed enterprise Tiantai group. Tiantai group is one of the earliest listed private enterprises producing lubricating oil in China. It is a collectivized national high-tech enterprise integrating lubricating oil production and research, automobile supplies production, automobile maintenance services and import and export trade

Ogilvy star lubricating oil provides customers with 20 categories of lubricating products, including internal combustion engine lubricating oil, industrial gear oil, hydraulic oil, grease, antifreeze, brake fluid, metalworking fluid, marine oil and lubricating oil additives. The products are widely used in aerospace, automobile, machinery, metallurgy, mining, electronics, petrochemical and other fields, and are the strategic partners of beiben group under China North Industries Group. The quality of ogixing series lubricants not only meets the national standards, but also meets the international standards organization (ISO) and API standards of American Petroleum Institute

Tiantai group, the parent company of Ogilvy star, is a famous ammonium sulfite (hydrogen) production enterprise in China. Tiantai group's strong strength and product R & D capabilities have injected a lot of funds into the development of ogistar lubricants and provided reliable technical support

Tiantai group is a "national high-tech enterprise", enjoying many honors such as "lubtop2016 top ten new materials of independent brands in China's lubricant industry". Adhering to the business philosophy of "product quality is the life of the enterprise", and adhering to the principle of "quality first, customer first" on the platform, Ogilvy star lubricants of Tiantai group has won many customers and the global market in the marketing process

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