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OGS is booming touch China 2013 large and medium-sized touch screens are hot

as a touch screen solution between GF and on, in-cell, the rise of OGS (oneglasssolution) in the industry in recent years deserves attention. The technical feature of OGS is the technology of directly forming ITO conductive film and sensor on the protective glass. A piece of glass can play the dual role of protective glass and touch sensor at the same time. Because its light transmittance and lightness are above GF, the product has advantages over on and in cell in terms of yield and R & D investment. In May, CSG a Jinlong electromechanical (, Xinli optoelectronics, helitai and other industry enterprises showed their new OGS products. In the same period, the 2013 global intelligent touch summit forum attracted 1129 technical leaders to participate in the forum in two days.

it has been seven years since the rise of touch screen. With the technological upgrading, small screens have been constantly innovating. The demand of pad, ultrabook and even the industrial field has not reduced the popularity of the touch screen market, and the addition of new categories not only makes the touch screen industry The bigger the cake, the more enterprises can share the feast of the touch screen industry. The upgrading trend of technology has always been the focus of the industry. In the technological evolution from GG to GF, oufeiguang, who guessed the rhythm of the industry, has achieved a bumper harvest. This year will still be a hot year for the touch screen industry, especially the sudden rise of OGS, which has poor crack resistance, and new gold miners will win

OGS has sprung up. The touch screen industry continues to have a high boom. Demand is hot and production capacity is tight.

the industry continues to have a high boom.

Apple launched the first generation iPhone in 2007, which is not only a landmark product in history, but also led to the rise and development of the entire touch screen industry. At present, not only most of them have the function of full touch control, but the addition of new products such as pad, Nb, PC all-in-one machine has enriched the product line of touch screen. Statistics show that the output value of the touch screen industry has soared from $4.3 billion in 2009 to $16billion in 2012, with an average annual increase of more than 50%. Analysts believe that according to this growth rate, the output value of the touch screen industry will be about $25billion this year, and the whole industry is still in a high business cycle

the judgment based on the high prospect of the industry first comes from the production capacity. At the 2013 smart touch Summit Forum, supply chain people said that the touch screen industry is currently not only in a serious contradiction between supply and demand at the high-end level, but also in the field of GF (thin film type is normally used to start or end experimental touch) where production capacity is still relatively tight. Due to the single supply channel of ITO conductive film and limited production capacity, GF screens are seriously out of stock in the early stage, and it takes a certain time for enterprises to expand production and form production capacity, This will lead to tight supply in the whole industry this year

in the terminal camp, product sales are also rising. As the intelligence with the most touch screen applications, although the sales in recent years have passed the explosive growth stage of Jinan testing machine factory, its overall sales are still steadily rising. In 2012, the global smart shipment has been close to 650million units, and IDC predicts that the global smart shipment is expected to exceed 800million units this year

in addition, pad also accounts for nearly 20% of the entire touch screen market. Different from the increasingly stable intelligence, the growth rate of pad is still in a rapid climbing stage. Since its first launch in 2010, the shipment of pad has doubled every year. In 2012, the global shipment of pad exceeded 100million units. IDC predicts that the global shipment of pad will be about 180million units this year

it is worth noting that the full deployment of ultrabook this year is expected to change the application structure of touch screen. As the largest leader of ultrabook, Intel not only has become increasingly perfect in platform technology, but also said that it will not give financial subsidies to NB machine manufacturers who will no longer add touch screens. This makes NB machine manufacturers spare no effort to promote touch ultrabook in the future. DisplaySearch predicts that the overall shipment of touch ultrabook will be close to 30million units in 2013. Because the touch screen of touch ultrabook far exceeds that of pad screen in terms of product quality and price, this will promote the benign and healthy development of the industry

market participants believe that the touch screen industry has clear market expectations and order support in the future, new members continue to join the product line, and the industry is in the ascendant

analysts believe that as a new solution, OGS takes into account the current development needs of the touch screen industry, with controllable cost yield and thinner size, which is in line with the interests of intelligent products and touch screen manufacturers. The biggest problem in the early stage of OGS is that the strength of the glass is not enough, which leads to the fragile screen. At this exhibition, Chen Xuebin, the director of Xinli optoelectronic products, the largest intelligent key component supplier in China, told the China Securities News that the company's small and medium-sized screen products have been able to withstand the pressure of 600MPa. The strength problem of OGS will be greatly improved this year, and the biggest hard injury of OGS is being alleviated

Another growth point of OGS is the rise of touch ultrabooks this year. Analysts believe that with the continuous improvement of penetration, the touch ultrapole industry is expected to initially complete the transition from the introduction period to the mature period this year. Driven by Microsoft and Intel, the market share of touch NB will grow significantly this year compared with last year. As the larger the size is, the lower the yield is, the mainstream standard of touch screen of touch Nb in the short term is OGS. Touchchina2013 the 6th Shenzhen International touch screen exhibition, including Taiwan Hengji, longfu touch and other nearly 10 enterprises have exhibited OGS processing equipment

chenxuebin, director of Xinli optoelectronic products, said that in the future, medium and high-end intelligence will still be the coexistence of GF and OGS, but OGS will exceed GF in terms of growth rate. The market explosion of domestic smart computers this year has become the consensus of the industry. With the progress of technology, the gap between this kind of display and flagship models such as Samsung and apple is also narrowing. Because GF standard has the hard injury of display effect, the market demand of OGS will surge

from the perspective of supply chain, the capacity of the entire OGS supply chain will also be seriously tight this year, which also reflects that the future prosperity of the OGS field is guaranteed. According to digitime, the demand for OGS touch screen in the whole industry chain will reach 317million pieces in 2013, an increase of 502% over 53million pieces in 2012

because OGS has high requirements for glass materials, most of the leading companies in this field are enterprises with technology accumulation in glass business in the early stage. Both CSG A and Laibao high tech have actively deployed in this field. On May, at the 2013 global smart touch Summit Forum of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, wangchunping, director of the R & D center of CSG a fine glass gbt245 (1) 997 metal tube crimping experimental method Industry Department, said that the company's OGS products had overcome key technologies such as cutting, edging and secondary tempering in the first half of last year. They were mass produced in July 2012, and the comprehensive yield was at the advanced level of the industry. For Laibao high tech, the market expects its OGS production capacity this year to reach 3.5 million/month

ogs' attractive market prospect has also attracted other companies in the industry to continue to join. Xinli optoelectronics, Jiangxi helitai, which mainly focuses on the full category and full business structure, and Jinlong Electromechanical, which was mainly engaged in motors in the early stage, are currently involved in the field of OGS

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