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Mesk lubricant, the "strongest China Red" of the National Auto Parts Association

Minsk lubricant, the "strongest China Red" of the National Auto Parts Association

China Construction machinery information

China's economy has entered a critical period of growth, gear shifting, structural optimization, and kinetic energy conversion. Innovation driven, smart manufacturing LED, and enabling the real economy are the keys to promoting industrial upgrading, structural adjustment, and supply side structural reform. In the face of the continuous growth of car ownership and the continuous expansion of the automotive aftermarket, opportunities and challenges coexist

1. Tensile properties of high molecular polymers on April 26, today is the second day of 2018 Wuhan National Auto Parts Fair and national auto parts purchase fair. Compared with the first day of the exhibition, the flow of people on site increased unabated, and there were a large number of people, which showed the gold content and authority of the exhibition. At this auto parts meeting, mesk lubricants was exhibited with a strong lineup that attracted the attention of the industry. With the brand popularity and reputation accumulated in the industry, an endless stream of people from the industry came to visit, and dealers from all over the country also applauded the vigorous development of mesk

the "shining" sign of Minsk lubricating oil

the employees of Minsk lubricating oil interact with the on-site audience

at the scene, the lubricant experts of Minsk lubricating oil introduced to the audience all aspects and excellent results of solving automobile problems with full enthusiasm, professional knowledge and rich experience. After understanding the original automobile lubrication solution and superior quality of mesk lubricants, the audience gave high praise one after another. After rapid changes and development in recent years, mesk can also be used for sports and leisure lubricants such as snowboards and surfboards. It has achieved the established development goals of the enterprise in terms of consumer demand insight, product research and development, quality assurance, sales network and brand construction. We are committed to providing mainstream consumers with high-quality and cost-effective products, focusing on products and services, and providing consumers with professional lubrication solutions

in the star product exhibition of Minsk lubricating oil

according to the introduction, the secret of the popularity of Minsk lubricating oil products by consumers is that it specially adds a unique "my double anti-wear factor", which is tightly adsorbed on the metal surface of the engine. When the engine is in extremely harsh working conditions, the moment when the lubricating oil film is destroyed, it stimulates the composite second layer of high-temperature protective film to form a strong protective shield, It provides double protection function for the engine under extreme conditions of high temperature and high load. Even in the cold environment, it also performs well. My dual anti-wear factor improves the low-temperature flow of engine oil. Within a few seconds after the engine is started, the lubricating oil can quickly cover the surface of all parts of the engine, providing excellent dual protection for low-temperature starting

China Lubricant information also learned that in order to actually test the protective effect of mesk lubricant mesk, the company conducted a bench test on a brand-new imported BMW car. After driving 1.6 million kilometers (1million miles) with mesk 1 fully synthetic engine oil injected with a dual anti-wear patent formula, the test results showed that most of the parts remained in the new car specification, Empirical mesk lubricating oil is a professional guarantee to protect the engine

in addition, we brought back a piece of good news from the scene: in order to give back the support and trust of new and old users, mesk lubricants has launched the activity of "delivering value-added gift bags when ordering on site" (the activity is limited to one week)! If the on-site order is over 300000 yuan, you will get a gift package of 80000 yuan, and if the order is over 200000 yuan, you will get a gift package of 40000 yuan. The first order volume is capped at 300000! The event immediately triggered a wave of ordering

in the process of the discount of "giving value-added gift packages when ordering on site"

mysco lubricants has always been in line with the concept of "integrity development, pursuit of excellence, and courage to innovate", providing all-round support to the customer base in terms of "brand", "network", "service" and "strategy", and creating a better future for mysco lubricants

in April, focus on the development of innovative design capabilities, international development trends, cutting-edge technology, market demand, policy guidance and other industries in the future, or directly test the maximum tension value when the terminal and harness deform (the maximum tension can be recorded); Trend Discussion on the 25th-27th, mesk lubricants, "the strongest China Red", do not believe you do not come, we are waiting for you in a1t55

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