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At the invitation of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will pay a two-day official visit to China from today, which will waste a lot of stored energy. This is her second visit to China this year. During her visit to China, the Chinese and German premiers will jointly preside over the second round of China Germany high temperature superconducting blocks, wires Film preparation and industrial utilization technology; Preparation and utilization technology of new Fe based high temperature superconducting materials; High power, high energy storage, high efficiency active power battery, light solid fuel cell, new diaphragm and carrier for high efficiency secondary battery. Experts analyzed that under the background of the protracted European debt crisis and the recent challenges faced by China EU trade, Merkel's visit will also focus on economic and trade issues. In February this year, the first country outside Europe that Merkel visited this year was China. During the visit, Chinese leaders held talks with Merkel, and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao also accompanied Merkel to Guangzhou. More than eight months later, Merkel came to China again, which is her sixth visit to China since she became German Chancellor

this year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Germany. The frequent interaction between the leaders of China and Germany in the past year also shows that the relationship between the two countries has become inseparable in the 40th year

after Merkel's visit to China at the beginning of the year, Wen Jiabao met with Merkel again when attending the Hannover Industrial Expo in Germany in April this year. In June, Chinese President Hu Jintao met with Merkel again on the eve of the G20 summit in Mexico. Merkel also became the first European leader Hu Jintao met during the summit. In addition, in April this year, the prime ministers of China and Germany also exchanged views on the European debt crisis when the opportunity for the European debt crisis 6.1 equipment to arrive at Party A's site continued

in addition to the frequent interaction between high-level officials, the exchanges between China and Germany in the field of humanities have also been deepening in recent years. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. This year, China and Germany are also jointly holding the one-year "Chinese culture year" in Germany in 2012. The Chinese and German governments attach great importance to this. Chinese President Hu Jintao and German President Wolff jointly serve as guardians

with regard to the interaction and exchanges between China and Germany at all levels, Zhao huaipu, a professor of the Institute of international relations of the Chinese Academy of foreign affairs, said that China and the European Union are two very important forces in today's world politics and economy. As an important country of the European Union and a European economic power, Germany China relations are an important part of China EU relations. China Germany economic and trade cooperation has an important impact on the overall development of China EU economic and trade relations, In the context of the European debt crisis, the two countries also need to deepen cooperation and higher MFR exchanges

China EU trade is facing challenges, and economic issues have become the focus of the visit.

as analyzed by experts, in recent years, China Germany economic and trade cooperation has played a crucial role in the overall economic and trade relations between China and Europe. At present, Germany is China's largest trading partner in Europe and China's largest source of foreign investment and technology introduction in the EU

with the outbreak of the international financial crisis, especially since the European debt crisis, China and Germany have closer economic and trade relations. In 2011, the bilateral trade volume between China and Germany reached US $169.15 billion, accounting for 30% of the trade volume between China and the entire EU. The trade volume between China and Germany is equivalent to the total trade volume between China and the UK, France and Italy

however, since the beginning of this year, with the development and escalation of the European debt crisis, the import demand of EU countries has declined sharply, and the trade volume between China and the EU has also declined significantly. In addition, on the occasion of Merkel's visit to China, the Sino EU solar energy equipment trade dispute also has an escalation trend. Analysts believe that at a time when the European debt crisis has begun to have an impact on China's manufacturing industry and China EU trade is facing many difficulties, Merkel's visit at this time will naturally focus on the economic issues discussed by the Chinese and German high-level

Zhao huaipu analyzed that as a major country of the European Union and the pillar of the euro zone, Germany is facing a relatively difficult situation in dealing with the European debt crisis. On the other hand, in recent months, the impact of the decline in exports to Europe on China's economy has begun to appear. The meeting between the leaders of China and Germany at this time also reflects the practical problems faced by bilateral economic and trade cooperation since this year, which need to strengthen high-level communication

Germany has previously revealed that during her stay in China, Merkel will inform China of the situation in the eurozone and the latest consultations, and the leaders of China and Germany will also focus on some bilateral and international issues as well as economic cooperation. Among the entourage of Merkel's visit to China, important German businessmen, including the president of Siemens and the president of Volkswagen, were also included. According to the itinerary, during her stay in China, Merkel will also visit Airbus Tianjin assembly plant

the mechanism of the second round of consultation and dialogue between the Chinese and German governments is improving day by day

it is reported that during Merkel's visit to China, she will co chair the second round of consultation between the Chinese and German governments with Premier Wen Jiabao. Merkel will participate in this round of consultations with many heavyweight cabinet members, including the German finance minister, foreign minister and economic minister

in July 2010, the Chinese and German prime ministers agreed to establish a consultation mechanism between the Chinese and German governments. The first round of consultations was held in Berlin in June 2011. The Sino German government consultation is the highest level, largest scale and most extensive intergovernmental dialogue between China and Germany. This is the first time that the Chinese government has established a similar mechanism with foreign governments. At present, Germany has only held such "intergovernmental consultations" with eight countries, including China

a year ago, during the first round of consultations between the Chinese and German governments, China and Germany signed a number of cooperation documents and commercial contracts, which identified key cooperation areas and projects such as electric vehicle strategic cooperation, vocational education cooperation alliance, special loans for small and medium-sized enterprise cooperation, standardization cooperation committee, "Chinese culture year", life science innovation platform, innovation policy platform, building energy conservation, medical and health care

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Song Tao recently wrote that the consultation mechanism between the Chinese and German governments has not only built a broad and efficient platform for practical cooperation between the two countries, effectively promoted the development of China Germany strategic partnership, but also pointed out the direction for the long-term development of China EU relations. From a global perspective, the Sino German government consultation mechanism provides a new form of cooperation between developing countries and western industrial powers

in fact, in addition to the consultation between the Chinese and German governments, the dialogue and exchange mechanisms at all levels and in all fields, including the China Germany ministerial dialogue and the China Germany human rights dialogue, have also been increasingly improved in recent years. German media commented that China Germany relations have developed to a very close level in the past few years, and China is no longer just a supplier of markets and cheap products. The German government has regarded Beijing as one of the most important political partners outside the Western alliance

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