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Merican develops polypropylene resin for thin-wall injection molding

in recent years, consumers' demand for packaging products with affordable prices, safe ingredients and high transparency has increased significantly. Sinopec Qingdao lianjiang shandaiyou human resources oil and Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qingdao refining and chemical) launched polypropylene resin pph-mm45, pph-mm50 for thin-wall injection molding using merican chemical HyperForm hpn20e nucleating agent Pph-mm60 series products conform to this trend

polypropylene is a kind of plastic that is very suitable for making disposable food packaging. It is completely recyclable, can reduce the carbon footprint, and its weight is far lighter than many other plastics and glass. With the increasing attention of consumers to environmental protection and food safety issues, the use of polypropylene as food packaging material has increasingly become a common practice in the Chinese industry

Qingdao refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. and merican Chemical Co., Ltd. began to develop special materials for thin-wall injection molding in China in March 2013. Through research and discussion, merican HyperForm hpn20e high-efficiency polypropylene nucleating agent is adopted. Compared with similar products in the market, HyperForm is different from the traditional nucleating agent, making the processing process faster and more stable, with greater isotropic shrinkage, improving productivity and reducing thermal deformation, Therefore, it can greatly save energy consumption and processing costs for processing enterprises, thus bringing price advantages. In addition, "HyperForm can be evenly distributed in high melt flow PP including pph-mm45, pph-mm50 and pph-mm60, which constitutes a major advantage for many applications of thin-wall injection molding technology

the melt index of the polypropylene resin series for thin-wall injection molding of Qingdao refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. is g/10 minutes, which has high transparency, rapid molding, high rigidity and good impact resistance, reaching or even exceeding the performance of imported similar brands. After six months of cooperative development, testing, debugging and trial in leading enterprises in downstream related industries, the company finally developed a series of thin-wall injection molding special materials, filling the gap in the domestic special materials market and becoming a leader in domestic related application fields. The series of thin-wall injection molding special materials meet the relevant health standards at home and abroad, such as sgs/fda. They are suitable for the production of high-speed thin-wall injection molding products (disposable lunch boxes, packaging boxes, etc.) in contact with food. They are the solution for the application of polypropylene materials in disposable lunch boxes, and win in the competition with traditional materials

at present, pph-mm45, pph-mm50 and pph-mm60 series products have been successfully tried out by many well-known enterprises in the industry. The high flow and permeability of the products make them have better thermal insulation performance, bright, strong toughness and low odor characteristics, which are better than imported products year on year, and have been widely recognized by users

about Sinopec Qingdao refining and Chemical Co., Ltd.

Sinopec Qingdao refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. is a large petrochemical enterprise invested and established by Sinopec, Shandong International Trust Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Guoxin Industrial Co., Ltd. at the investment ratio of 85:10:5. It was registered and established on October 18, 2004

the 10million ton/year oil refining project of Qingdao refining and chemical company phase I is the first single series ten million ton oil refining project approved by China. The process route adopts the coking +cfb boiler + catalysis scheme, which is designed to process 10million ton/year of imported crude oil. It has 16 sets of process production units and corresponding utilities and auxiliary facilities, covering an area of 220 hectares, with a total investment of 12.5 billion yuan and a total staffing of 500 people. The annual output of gasoline, coal and diesel oil products is 7.08 million tons, and chemical products such as liquefied gas, polypropylene, benzene and mixed benzene are 2.03 million tons. The Qingdao oil refining project is planned and constructed in accordance with the concepts of large-scale, serialization, intensification and informatization. It was officially completed and put into operation on June 16th, 2008, injecting new impetus to meet the national economic and social development and the energy demand of the Olympic Games. Polypropylene has a production capacity of 200000 tons/year. It is mainly homopolymer products, with membrane materials and injection homopolymer as the main products

about merican

merican, founded in 1865, is an innovative company that constantly improves people's lives through exploration, discovery and creation. With the efforts of its innovation team, Milliken is one of the non listed companies with the most patents in the United States. Merican is widely involved in many fields, such as special chemicals, carpets and high-performance materials. Every day, it provides real value for people's lives all over the world, improves health and safety, and makes the world more sustainable

about merican chemical

merican chemical was founded in 1957, and has developed into a world leading technology provider of coatings, special chemicals, advanced additives and colorants. Color is an important part of marketing means. At the beginning of its establishment, it mainly provided proprietary processing chemicals for the internal business of merican. Recently, it has grown to involve in many industries and markets, including plastics and children's art supplies. Merican chemical has many application and development centers around the world to provide comprehensive support to customers. HyperForm is a registered trademark of Milliken company

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