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Meritcare unit dose drug packaging

meritcare health system loads drugs into small-scale, bar coded unit dose packages through computer dispensing, and then supplies each patient with a larger dose of bar code packages through automatic picking and sorting procedures

careless use of drugs is a big taboo for hospitals. In 1999, a report of the pharmaceutical research association was able to produce lighter pallets at a faster speed. It was disclosed that 7000 people died every year due to misleading dispensing in the experimental procedure, with a direct loss of $2billion. On September 9, 2002, internal drug archives published statistics that the error rate of drug distribution in 36 hospitals and qualified nursing institutions in Colorado and Georgia reached 19%. In order to reduce drug negligence and ensure patient safety, Tommy g. Thompson, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of health and human services, proposed a new regulation on March 23, 2003, requiring that certain drugs must bear bar codes and biological product labels. Health care personnel uniformly use bar code scanners to ensure that the administration and dosage of drugs are correct, and the way, object and time of drug distribution are correct. The bar code should include the National Drug Code (NDC), which provides the unique identification information of the drugs taken by the patients, and is printed as a part of the drug label in the form of linear bar code

in July, 2001, the meritcare health department in Fargo, North Dakota, installed a single unit pharmaceutical packaging machine. Cardinal Health automation and information service company raised the problem of drug negligence and developed relevant equipment. Cardinal equipment packages prescription and over-the-counter drugs, such as aspirin, Tylenol and other similar drugs. This is the real concept of unit dose. If patients need two copies of the same drug, they will get two packages. Pyxis Homerus has a lot of problems, but it's not easy ň See article 4 for details δ Nayxis ipaktm II, a unit dose bar code packaging system, and Pyxis istortm, a drug storage and recall system. It also includes an automatic labeling one-step bag and printing machine provided by automated packaging systems, which packs the unit dose of drugs dispensed by the manipulator into a single bag for patients with the stability of the size of the speed regulation system at a price of about 10000 yuan. Finally, the machine prints the barcode information, patient name and address on the bag

"meritcare health system has been working towards bar code technology to promote the safety of patients, and the use of the above process is an important step. We give thousands of packages of drugs every day. As national statistics show, personnel operation errors are inevitable. Through the use of bar code technology, Homerus equipment helps us eliminate drug delivery errors." Dr. J. ORV brown, a medical information analyst and programmer at meritcare, said, "we also want to liberate our pharmacists to engage in more medical affairs and have more contact with patients and other nursing staff."

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