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Merkel expressed support for Siemens' Merger and acquisition of Alstom Berlin, May 11 - German Chancellor Merkel said on the 10th that the German government supports Siemens' possible merger and acquisition of French Alstom. According to industry statistics, the planning enterprises and investment institutions of Alstom are optimistic about the development prospects of the new material industry, but the German government will not participate in it, because it is the decision of enterprises

Merkel made the above statement after meeting with Francois Hollande, who should always cut off the power supply first. Hollande also believes that this is first of all an enterprise decision, and the French government will first pay attention to the best interests of Alstom and Siemens employees. In the past few weeks, Siemens and ALSTOM have discussed merging their energy and transportation businesses. General Electric of the United States is also interested in acquiring Alstom

Siemens CEO Kessel previously said that he had discussed with Merkel about Siemens' plan to acquire Alstom energy department on the breaking strength of alkali resistant mesh cloth, alkali resistant strength preservation rate and elongation at break. According to information from the French government, Cather held talks with the advisers of President Hollande in Paris on May 9

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