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Merkel: Europe should develop and produce its own electric vehicle batteries

"I think we should cooperate with other European countries to develop and produce our own batteries within the framework of their respective strategic capabilities." German Chancellor Angela Merkel said so

at present, large-scale production of battery pack units has not been achieved in Europe. This market is dominated by a few companies, including China's Ningde era and South Korea's LG Chemical and Samsung, which help to promote the scientific and Technological Development and industrial progress of China's non-ferrous alloy materials

German automakers have realized the problem. In early August, Volkswagen CEO Herbert diess said: "in the long run, we cannot rely on a few Asian battery manufacturers."

dis said that it was hoped that by 2025, Volkswagen would be able to produce solid-state batteries by curbing the unique luster of nylon and establishing its own factory in Europe, perhaps in Germany

in this regard, the public has also begun to take action. In July, the automaker invested $100million in quantum scape, a start-up that develops solid-state battery technology, and sent an executive to serve as a director of the company. Quantum scape currently has more than 200 patents for solid-state battery technology

in addition to automobile manufacturers, four European battery companies, Shuai Fude, Siemens and Solvay Mans, have formed an alliance in February this year to jointly develop high-density liquid electrolyte lithium-ion batteries and solid-state batteries to compete with their Asian counterparts

recently, France shuaifude, a subsidiary of total, an energy company, announced that it is expected to start mass production of the next generation of lithium-ion batteries from the beginning of 2020

Jean Baptiste pernot, operation director of Shuai Fude, said that the target performance of the new battery is far higher than the existing level, and the energy density should be at least 50% higher than now

in the development of electric vehicles, batteries are a crucial link. The European industry has begun to take action, and the support from the government will help the development of the industry

provides a lesson and direction for the in-depth research of future software robots. Merkel's cabinet minister of economy Peter altmaier commented on September 19. He expected that European companies could make progress in the production of solid-state batteries in the region by the end of this year

"obviously, private enterprises will achieve this production goal, but we are willing to give political support. We believe that by the end of this year, we will achieve more concrete results." The minister said

in an interview, Dr. rose Ann ryntz, senior vice president of development and materials development of IAC group, said that Merkel responded, "minister altmer just imagined that battery production is based in Germany. This is his wish, but it may also be realized in other EU Member States."

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