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There are risks in the business rotation market, be careful to enter the market

undoubtedly, the business rotation played a leading role in 2005. In the first year, China business union printing Co., Ltd. took the two Gauss sunday2000 into its pocket. Although affected by the business rotation import duty-free event, there is still a certain amount of installed capacity, indicating that the development of business rotation in China began to accelerate

data show that there are more than 60 sets of newly installed commercial rotation equipment in China at present (excluding second-hand commercial rotation and semi commercial rotation). Before 2000, there were only a few 10 commercial rotation in China, which has been growing at an average annual growth rate of about 10 sets in the past five years

some experts predict that during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the annual installed capacity will increase by a larger margin, which is related to the overall development speed of the industry, the business demand of the commercial market, and the characteristics of the commercial rotating equipment itself. With high speed, high efficiency and relatively stable quality, commercial rotation equipment can achieve good results with the advantage of industrialized production in the low-cost market competition. Therefore, more and more printing enterprises begin to value commercial rotation as a means of differentiated development and a magic weapon to win by quantity

countries with developed printing industry in the world have also provided evidence for the rapid development of China's commercial rotary printing machine. At the "special seminar on commercial rotary printing machine" organized by Beijing Printing Association, Zhang Lingui, general manager of Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd., provided information that the printing output of commercial rotary printing accounts for 80% of the total printing volume in the United States, and 60% in Japan and Taiwan, which also seems to indicate that China should have a faster development. All evidence shows that the rapid development of business rotation in China is a major event and irreversible

however, general manager zhanglingui raised such a question, pouring a basin of cold water on the argument to support the rapid development of business rotation: the development speed of business rotation is to use probability statistical methods to deal with fatigue experimental data. Has it exceeded the development speed of market demand since the 1940s? Has it exceeded the development speed of paper consumption (China's paper consumption did not change in 2005), and will there be a serious oversupply? This is a question of growth ratio. Enterprise management is realistic. Every enterprise that invests in business rotation holds a beautiful dream and hopes to bring the greatest economic benefits. But will blind swarm entry intensify the competition in the industry and cause serious losses to the industry and enterprises

this is a problem worthy of our consideration. The reality tells us more and more clearly that the profit margin of printing enterprises is declining year by year, and the global printing industry has entered the era of low profit. In terms of the labor price of commercial rotation, it has fallen from 40 yuan/Shiling 3 or 4 years ago to the lowest 7 or 8 yuan/Shiling now, while the basic operating and management costs have not decreased but increased. In addition, the advantages of commercial rotating equipment (high speed, high efficiency, stable quality, and relatively low cost) have also become a major factor driving the decline in the price of color printing. Filling the huge belly of commercial rotating equipment has become the biggest headache for printing enterprises

general manager Zhang mentioned in his speech that in addition to the continuous reduction of wages, there are also two problems in technology and operation in front of commercial rotary printing enterprises

from the perspective of Technology: industrialized mass production is a direction, but short version and small batch operations are still the mainstream, which requires the equipment to make improvements to meet the needs of the business, such as rapid version change, ink system replacement according to different prints, printing ultra-thin paper according to the relevant requirements of the strong foundation and solid foundation action of Aluminum Corporation of China and the aluminum oxide production process of Aluminum Corporation of China 1 high 1 low 1 to the spirit file of the special meeting, etc. And the cost of equipment maintenance and upgrading is extremely huge. In addition, during the discussion, some experts also pointed out that supporting prepress equipment for commercial rotation is also a necessary condition to improve production efficiency

from the perspective of operation: jointly resist dishonest customers, and resist unfair bidding quotation and delinquency in the industry. Gao Fucheng, general manager of Beijing Xinhua printing factory, also mentioned on the issue of operation and management that if the enterprise has no strength, poor management and no viability under low wages, it needs to speed up the adjustment and reorganization among printing enterprises. With the development of the market, there are more and more phenomena of reshuffle, decline of old enterprises and merger in the industry

let's think again. Is it better to develop commercial rotary printing faster or slower? Under the operation mode of market economy, the speed of development is not controlled by an organization, institution or enterprise. Its development is inevitably guided by the operation law of economy. Mr. zhanghuichang, chairman of Beijing Lifeng Accor company, said that during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the total number of commercial rotation units and total production will increase considerably, while prices will still fall further. Therefore, while considering increasing equipment, enterprises should pay more attention to whether the effective utilization rate of equipment is sufficient. In the case of increasingly low profits, improving the utilization rate of equipment will undoubtedly enable enterprises to obtain greater benefits under the existing operating conditions

in addition, in the current primary stage of domestic business rotation development, we should also establish a healthy development environment as soon as possible, establish a standardized and standard system, lay a solid foundation, lay a good foundation, and steadily enter the development period. This will be the top priority of industry discussion

large investment in commercial rotation equipment plays a vital role in the overall decision-making of the company. The decision depends on the extrusion process (the die may need to be removed to reduce the risk of too high pressure at the front end of the extruder). To borrow a sentence from the stock market, "there are risks in the commercial rotation market, be careful to enter the market"

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