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Merchants promised that plastic bag charges would be used for public welfare

since the announcement of the plastic restriction order, consumers and several members of the municipal CPPCC have proposed that the whereabouts and uses of the fees collected by public plastic shopping bags should be included in the implementation rules of the plastic restriction order. This morning, many businesses told that they would never count the fees charged into the profits of businesses, but would use them for public welfare undertakings. A few businesses such as Lufthansa also said that they would publicize the annual consumption, fees and public welfare uses of plastic bags to consumers, so as to encourage more consumers to perform shopping by installing two sensors with different cooling speed and fast capacity

in the past, plastic shopping bags were paid by merchants, but after June 1, plastic shopping bags will be paid by consumers. Even if plastic shopping bags are sold at cost price, merchants will at least save the cost of purchasing plastic shopping bags. It can also be said that there is a part of more income than before, and how to deal with this part of income

this morning, the relevant principals of supermarkets such as supermarket supermarket, Wumart, Wal Mart, shuang'an, Yansha, Guiyou, Zhuangsheng Chongguang department store, Beijing APM (New Dong'an Plaza) and so on have made it clear that they will return this part of the proceeds to consumers and society through public welfare activities

we will regularly disclose the consumption, purchase cost, total fees and uses of plastic shopping bags every year. The relevant person in charge of Yansha shopping mall said that the mall plans to sell plastic shopping bags at cost price, so there will be no actual income, but the mall will still spend as much money as purchasing plastic bags on environmental protection public welfare undertakings, and will publicize it to consumers in shopping malls, shopping malls and other prominent positions

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