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Merchants propose not to over package moon cakes. Moon cakes are listed in paperback.

yesterday morning, I saw in a shopping mall in Taidong that although it was still a long time before August 15 of the lunar calendar, the merchant's moon cake sales counter could not wait to get there first, reminding people that the Mid Autumn Festival was coming. The packaging of counter products should gradually change from the previous simple, protective and passive packaging situation to a branded, market-oriented and active packaging situation. The moon cake "takes off" the previous gorgeous coat and replaces it with the traditional simple packaging. It is reported that on July 20, 50 industrial and commercial enterprises in Qingdao jointly launched the "initiative not to produce over packaged moon cakes with tariff exemption" and even temporarily closed the whole production line, which extinguished the luxury trend in this year's moon cake market in advance

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Source: Qingdao Evening News

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