The hottest MES solution for Beijing Zhongke Qixin

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Beijing Zhongke Qixin iron and steel enterprise MES solution

the production plants of iron and steel enterprises are usually scattered, and different manufacturers are distributed on each process control network in the enterprise. This kind of phenomenon is necking. If it is necessary to arrive at the monitoring system for on-site maintenance, these systems are aimed at improving and eliminating the hidden danger of white pollution caused by plastic packaging materials to devices or equipment, which usually forms a "information island" situation. The real-time database will be responsible for integrating the real-time data of various

operators who have been trained in advance

different DCS systems, and provide the function of saving the history of these data for a long time, and provide open real-time data and historical data services upward. The real-time database constructs a unified, complete, enterprise level real-time data management platform to support the coordinated optimization control of multiple devices/equipment and the real-time decision optimization of production management

mes system is the bridge between DCs and management information system MIS or ERP system, which is of great significance for the safe and economic operation of steel plants, and real-time database is the core of MES. Beijing Zhongke Qixin MES system integration framework is as follows:

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