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On January 10, at the beginning of the new year, Yuchai held the ignition ceremony of the national six engine in the test center of the Engineering Research Institute. Yanping, chairman of Yuchai Co., Ltd., wuqiwei, President of Yuchai Co., Ltd., and other leaders ignited the four new national six engines. The successful ignition marks that Yuchai has stepped into the national six new era ahead of time. Yuchai once again leads the industry trend with a number of cutting-edge technologies and is dedicated to providing users with excellent power products

Yuchai 4 national VI engines were born

in 2011, Yuchai stood at the forefront of the industry and took the lead in developing the first domestic Euro VI engine. In 2015, it was applied in batches in Beijing public transport. In 2016, Yuchai began to lay out the basic work of R & D, production and service of the national six engine, and released the second Euro VI engine, which laid the foundation for the national six era with a high starting point and high standards. From january1,2017, if the problem cannot be solved, the country will fully supply phase V national standard vehicle gasoline and diesel, and those lower than the national five standard will stop selling in China. From then on, the national five standard for domestic vehicle engines will be fully implemented. On the basis of completing the product layout of the national five year plan and seizing the initiative and voice in multiple market segments, Yuchai took the lead in developing four high-end national six engine products this time, and will continue to lead the future national six era

it is understood that the product plan of Yuchai national six engines is divided into three platforms, light, medium and heavy, and 11 models of six series, with power covering 100 ~ 700 horsepower. The four models ignited this time are yck13, yck08, ycs04 and YC. These factors make each becoz cushion have its unique and retro appearance y24. Their common feature is that they integrate the most advanced engine technology with the same displacement in the world, with strong power, low fuel consumption, excellent emission, low noise, light weight, small size, high reliability, long service life, and power coverage of 100 ~ 560 horsepower

yck13 is the first product to adopt modular technology in the domestic heavy truck field. It focuses on improving the reliability of the product and maintenance, so that the internal control space of GAC motor GS5 is full of avant-garde technological advantages and reduces the maintenance cost; Yck08 adopts torsion valve for the first time to cooperate with top-1 large and 1 small coal enterprises. Although their backgrounds are different, down efficient cooling has better reliability and longer service life; Ycs04 is a new light diesel engine with 4.2L displacement, which is the benchmark power of highway passenger cars and light trucks; Ycy24 is a product developed on the basis of ycy20, which is highly competitive in power, economy, safety, comfort, etc

the birth of these four national six new products developed synchronously with world-class enterprises is a kind of confidence for Yuchai and a strong driving force for the industry, which means that Yuchai will continue to lead the future national six era

2017 is the innovation year, quality year and national development year of Yuchai. At the ringing of the New Year bell, Yuchai put forward that the national six product layout is a rare opportunity for Yuchai to upgrade its technology, upgrade its quality and truly transform itself. Yuchai will take this opportunity to pursue excellence, catch up with and surpass the world-class, and strive to meet the national six challenges that affect the survival of enterprises. It should continue to play a leading role in the industry, promote the comprehensive development of products to high-end and create a new era of engine manufacturing, It has become the first echelon of international internal combustion engine manufacturing

after reform, innovation and development in recent years, Yuchai's system is constantly improving and upgrading, the product type spectrum is shrinking, the power is becoming more and more concentrated, the fist is becoming more and more powerful, the competitiveness of engine products is greatly improved, and Yuchai's internationalization process has taken another big step forward

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