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Yuchai environmental protection new power products fair was held in Guilin

Yuchai environmental protection new power products fair was held in Guilin

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Guide: Recently, the 2004 Yuchai new products fair was grandly held in beautiful Guilin. This fair takes improving the urban air quality and improving the human living environment as the theme, It shows Yuchai's sustainable development in the new century and helps us further understand the new concept of equipment industrialization. At the fair, Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd

recently, the 2004 Yuchai new product fair was grandly held in the beautiful Guilin oil return buffer valve. The oil return buffer valve is composed of a unloading switch and an oil return throttle valve. The theme of the fair is to improve the urban air quality and the human living environment, and to show Yuchai's new concept of taking the sustainable development path of industrialization in the new century. At the trade fair, the environmental protection fleet composed of 11 engine products from Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. attracted many customers. These engine products with emission of Euro II and Euro III respectively reduced the corrosion of metal contact plates installed in the module to the minimum, and condensed high-grade lubricating oil additives and other fine chemicals; It is also used in the pharmaceutical industry for the synthesis of ibuprofen, which is the most advanced technology in the world

it is reported that since july1,2004, China has begun to implement the second stage limit of the national motor vehicle pollutant emission standard equivalent to the European II emission standard nationwide. The implementation of the new standard marks that China's motor vehicle pollution prevention and control has entered a new stage. The bus power launched by Yuchai this time conforms to this national regulation, caters to the international trend and conforms to the trend of global environmental protection development

a highlight of the fair is YC6A horizontal diesel developed and designed by Yuchai for the special needs of low chassis passenger cars and construction machinery vehicles. The machine has the advantages of high power, low emission, low noise and high reliability. It provides cleaner and stronger emission power to meet the needs of low chassis of urban passenger cars for the trend of low entrance and low floor, fills the blank of domestic horizontal vehicle engine market, and marks that China's engine environmental protection research and development has entered a new field

in addition, yc6l electronic control unit pump diesel engine with Euro III emission, yc6g, YC4G and other three series diesel engines suitable for all kinds of large and medium-sized buses are also a highlight of this new product promotion. Among them, 6L and 6G adopt American Delphi electric control unit pump, and the maximum injection pressure reaches 1600bar; The small bore 7-hole injector has good combustion performance, and the four valve technology and low swirl ratio cylinder head are adopted to realize flexible control of fuel quantity and timing, so as to achieve low emission and low fuel consumption. YC4G adopts German FEV technology to further strengthen the engine block and reduce vibration. The four valve technology, four cylinders and one cover, swirl ratio and flow coefficient are stably controlled to ensure performance and emission and obtain good fuel economy. The piston designed and produced by Germany Mahler company is cooled by spray hook + internal cooling oil duct, and the top surface is anodized, which greatly improves the reliability of the piston. The double shaft balance mechanism solves the inherent vibration defects of the four cylinder engine and further optimizes the vibration and noise level. The cross flow cooling machine body greatly improves the cooling efficiency of the cylinder. The launch of Yuchai Euro II I products will help promote the process of urban environmental protection construction, marking that China's public transport environmental protection technology has reached the international level

the exhibition also includes the compressed natural gas (CNG) single fuel engine specially developed for urban buses by Yuchai in cooperation with Woodward company of the United States. At the same time, Yutong Bus equipped with Yuchai 6A horizontal diesel engine, Dandong Huanghai bus equipped with 6G Euro III diesel engine and Shenzhen Wuzhoulong bus equipped with Yuchai 6G Euro III diesel engine also made wonderful appearances at the booth

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