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"Pingliangzheng" of Yuchai gold power leads the new fashion of Guangdong medium and heavy trucks

pingliangzheng "of Yuchai gold power leads the new fashion of Guangdong medium and heavy trucks

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" after the listing of gold power, the three words' pingliangzheng '! Users specify it when they buy a car. " More than one dealer said so

the production line-up is a powerful golden power. It is an engine customized by Yuchai for Dongfeng Liuqi Chenglong heavy truck. The fuselage is amber gold, which is obviously different from previous products. The reason why gold power is "flat, beautiful and positive" is that in Cantonese, "flat" means "increase the quantity without increasing the price, and there is no big difference in the price after the technological content is improved"; "Beautiful" is the dazzling golden appearance; "Zheng" means that Yuchai engine is as awesome as ever

more eye-catching tailored

speaking of amber gold, what do you think

"Apple has earthy gold and rose gold, which are sought after by many people, not only because they are good-looking, but also because they have a different sense of dignity. The customized golden power gives users a sense of being more valued and cared for." Pengliqun, manager of Shenzhen shanlongsheng Automobile Sales Service Co., Ltd., said

pengliqun didn't spend much effort in promoting the golden power just launched: "because users who buy Liuqi Chenglong know that most of Liuqi is equipped with Yuchai engines, and many users come here with Yuchai." Of course, after the launch of golden power, users still find the golden engine very novel. When they heard that this was the engine tailored by Yuchai for Liuqi, they all said, "this is beautiful."

Shenzhen xinxinfa Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., which mainly sells port tractors, has a deep understanding of the needs of port tractor users. "The color of golden power is dazzling and eye-catching. It also symbolizes wealth and is loved by users. However, truck users are not only concerned about whether it looks good or not. They are more concerned about whether it is practical or not. The amber gold color of golden power is not only easy to check whether there is oil leakage, but also not old. It is very suitable for port vehicles that have been exposed to the wind and sun for a long time." Said chenjuntao, marketing manager of xinxinfa

tailor made for better fit

for the sake of users, golden power, the tuhao gold in the engine, has led a new trend. "The truck configuration is complex, and different parameters will lead to different operation results. Therefore, the vehicle should be customized." Jiangmingsheng, deputy general manager of Guangdong Management Department of Liuqi sales company, introduced: "Yuchai is the golden power for Liuqi, and took the lead in putting forward the concept of 'tailor-made'. This makes the products of both sides have more prominent selling points on the basis of high market recognition."

since 2013, Liuqi has maintained the first market share in Guangdong, and the establishment of public praise is not a day's work. "We have done a lot of things for our users to gain such recognition." Jiangmingsheng said: "exploring the way with Yuchai 'private customization' is an important step to tap the market demand."

after more than 5 years of road tests and road spectrum collection under various road conditions, Yuchai and Liuqi have carried out personalized optimization calibration according to the characteristics of different vehicles of cltruck, so as to give better play to the engine. From the perspective of performance, the customized engine and cltruck are perfectly integrated to comprehensively improve the power, economy and operation stability of the whole vehicle; In terms of quality, high-quality suppliers are appointed for customized engine parts, which greatly improves the reliability, realizes exclusive quality assurance, pipeline finishing, layout according to higher standards, and makes maintenance more convenient

"for example, under the condition of constant power and constant distance, the fuel consumption of golden power will be reduced by 1.5 liters per 100 kilometers." Pengliqun said so

tailor made and better selling

despite the market downturn and difficult business, good products will never be buried

most of Liuqi products sold by shanlongsheng match Yuchai golden power. "We have sold gold power for only two months, and we have already achieved more than 100 units. This is a result achieved when the market is in a bad situation and this item is only needed." Pengliqun said, "gold power customers include customs supervision, express companies, commodity transportation companies, etc. Liuqi Chenglong, which is matched with gold power, has a high cost performance. The core device for data collection of the special insulation strip tensile strength testing machine adopts the new ultra-high precision 24 bit AD from the United States, which is favored by users."

in xinxinfa, the sales volume of golden power has also reached more than 100. Chenjuntao said that in Yantian port, Shenzhen, the share of Yuchai engine is as high as 60%~70%

these are not individual cases. "This year, the sales volume of Yuchai in Shenzhen increased by 20% year on year." Wujunping, marketing manager of the Shenzhen Office of Yuchai Co., Ltd., said that in the gold power product series, there are many types of 4E, 6J and 6L, of which 4E and 6J are mostly used in trucks, and 6J and 6L are mostly used in port trucks

thanks to the deep exploration of market demand, Liuqi has also gained a lot in the Guangdong market. "This year, the Guangdong market fell by 8%, while Liuqi rose by 20%, ranking first in sales. From January to September, Liuqi has sold more than 6300 vehicles in Guangdong, including more than 1000 golden power." Jiangmingsheng said

in the fourth quarter, eight Liuqi dealers in the Pearl River Delta have held four promotion meetings. With the deepening of product promotion, the golden power of Yuchai "pingliangzheng" will work with Liuqi to lead the new trend of Guangdong medium and heavy truck market

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