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Every step of a child's growth is crucial. When he reaches the age of carrying his schoolbag to school, the learning area has become an important place for children to live and study. Therefore, the requirements for teenagers' learning areas should be perfect. It should not only give children a comfortable and free learning environment, but also give full play to creativity and progress in comfort and freedom. In this issue, we will introduce you three different dressing schemes. The same learning area can also have different space interests

today, we share three different collocations in the same learning area in the same bedroom space to teach you teenagers to learn the fast changing skills of space, so that you can spend the least time and money to make a big change in your home

style1: blue calm rational type

blue is a symbol of eternity. Blue is a very pure color, which usually reminds people of the ocean, sky, water and universe. Pure blue shows a beautiful, calm, rational, peaceful and broad. Because blue is calm and has the meaning of courage, parents often choose this color when choosing furniture for their children, especially boys. Such a room is conducive to cultivating boys' independent and brave character, and is also conducive to children's quiet study

style2: pink is sweet and gentle

in the color pen, pink is also an essential color. Children like to decorate their paintings with pink. Especially for girls, pink is always girls' favorite. Because pink represents cute, sweet, gentle and innocent; Pink represents brilliant, elegant and noble demeanor. The pure pink department is like a girl's dream. Pink and white match together to make a girl's dream more sweet




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