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Aluminum alloy sliding door and window is a kind of common door and window, which is widely used, and is a kind of door and window product favored by people. There are so many brands of aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows on the market, which dazzle consumers

aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows are doors and windows made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles for frames, stiles and fans, which are referred to as aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows for short. It also includes doors and windows made of aluminum alloy as the base material of stressed bars (bars that bear and transmit self weight and load) and wood and plastic. Next, I will introduce the purchase of aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows and the maintenance of aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows

purchase of aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows

1. Specific appearance

the difference between casement windows and sliding windows in appearance mainly lies in the collocation with the overall style of the building. Because of the flexibility of its division, casement windows can make any line facade effect, and for large division floor to ceiling windows, the opening leaf only accounts for a small part of the whole window, so it is more suitable for high-end real estate with strict requirements on the overall effect of the building, It is especially in line with the architects' pursuit of a large grid, spacious and bright, good permeability effect, and a harmonious and smooth appearance. The sliding window can only be pushed and pulled horizontally, so it is difficult to match with the fixed glass with large divisions. Generally, it is more suitable for business plants or rural family buildings with clear horizontal and vertical lines

2. Specific performance

in terms of the three properties (wind pressure resistance, water tightness and air tightness) of doors and windows, casement windows are generally better than sliding windows. The wind pressure resistance of doors and windows depends on the resistance moment of the main load-bearing members of doors and windows. The larger the section of the profile is, the greater the resistance moment is, but it is not completely proportional

generally, the cross-section of casement windows is small, but their main load-bearing rods are usually made of splicing materials or medium vertical materials. These main load-bearing rods will be strengthened during the design process, so their wind pressure resistance performance is good. The cross-section of sliding window profile is generally large, so its wind pressure resistance performance should be relatively good, but as long as a little in-depth stress analysis shows that its main stress bar is often made of medium fan material, and its upper and lower stiles only rely on pulleys to bear the horizontal wind load, so the wind pressure resistance performance is generally not ideal

the watertightness of doors and windows depends on the sealing effect of the opening part. Generally, casement windows are sealed with rubber strips, while sliding windows are generally sealed with wool strips. The sealing effect of rubber strips is generally better than wool strips. In terms of air tightness, at present, two-point lock or heaven and earth lock is used to lock and seal the opening part of the casement window in the market, and its sealing effect is better. The sliding window is generally locked with hook lock or latch, and its sealing effect is not ideal. Therefore, the casement window is generally better than the sliding window in terms of three properties. This is why most high-end commercial and residential buildings choose to use casement windows

3. Comparison function

in terms of use function, the sliding window is favored by the majority of users because of its flexible opening and convenient and simple operation; In contrast, casement windows are generally connected by hinges, and they are generally opened by handles, so they are often less flexible in operation than sliding windows

4. Compared with the process

in terms of processing and manufacturing, the sliding window is generally simple in structure and has no special requirements for equipment, so it is convenient for small workshop or on-site processing and manufacturing; Because the casement of casement window is generally connected by aluminum alloy corner code, it needs better corner striking machine to produce excellent aluminum alloy casement window

maintenance of aluminum alloy push-pull doors and windows

1. When using aluminum alloy doors and windows, the action should be light, and the push-pull should be natural; If you find it difficult, don't pull or push hard. You should eliminate the fault first. Ash accumulation and deformation are the main reasons for the difficulty of pulling aluminum alloy doors and windows out of the old and out of the new. It is necessary to keep the door frame clean, especially the sliding groove clean. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust in the groove and the top of the door seal

2. When cleaning aluminum alloy doors and windows, people should not step on the aluminum frame, nor pull the frame as a support

3. Aluminum alloy doors and windows can be dipped with soft cloth with water or neutral detergent. Do not use ordinary soap and washing powder, and do not use detergent with strong acid and alkali, such as decontamination powder and toilet detergent

4. After rainy days, wipe the wet glass and door and window frames in time, and pay special attention to wipe the water in the chute. If the chute is used for a long time and the friction force increases, you can add a little engine oil or apply a layer of wax oil

5. The connecting parts of the aluminum alloy frame should be checked frequently, and the bolts should be tightened in time to replace the damaged parts. The vulnerable parts of aluminum alloy doors and windows such as locating pins, wind braces, ground springs, etc. should be checked frequently and lubricated regularly to keep them clean and flexible

6. The sealing wool and glass sealant are the key structures to ensure the sealing and insulation of doors and windows. If they fall off, they should be repaired and replaced in time

7. Frequently check the junction of aluminum alloy frame and wall. If it is loose over time, it is very easy to deform the whole frame, so that the doors and windows cannot be closed and sealed. Therefore, the screws at the connection should be tightened immediately if they are loose. If the screw footing is loose, it should be sealed with a small amount of cement mixed with epoxy strong glue

editor's summary: This is the introduction about the purchase of aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows and the maintenance of aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information




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