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On the day of the opening of youmi decorative door and window store, many new and old customers came one after another. Many iron powder dragged friends and brought friends to visit and buy. It was very popular and lively

in July, with the grand opening of Pazhou Exhibition Hall and poly World Trade Exhibition Hall of the 21st Guangzhou Construction Expo, the exhibition has made the investment promotion of Saint vixen doors and windows in full swing. Under the trend of younger and simpler consumption upgrading in the center, how to seize the opportunity of brand wealth may become a hot topic for everyone. With regard to the change of current market consumption awareness, A small number of door and window enterprises need to have a clear market positioning for different consumer groups, and should keep pace with the times to meet the changes and needs of market development

Foshan Nanhai shengweixuan door and window products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of aluminum alloy balcony doors, hanging doors, sunshine rooms, energy-saving windows and toilet doors. The company has strong strength, integrating product research and development, design, production, sales and service, and is committed to providing high-quality products and services to the majority of "Saint vixen" brand users

surrounded by flowers and lion dances, the opening ceremony of Meizhou youmi decorative door and window store kicked off with everyone's blessing and applause. Caizong, guests and representatives of shengweixuan doors and windows came to the stage one after another to make speeches and wish them well. The colorful programs such as fashion and hot dance ignited the atmosphere of the scene, and the sound of lion dance and drum attracted local residents of Meizhou to come to watch and buy in the store

this time, youmi decoration has joined hands with shengweixuan doors and windows, and upgraded various fashionable horizontal decoration in the door and window store, focusing on the style of high-end door and window products, and expanding the area again! It will show more high-end brand door and window experience stores, so that customers can have a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of the practical functions of doors and windows and the effect of heavy-duty sliding door products in the way of scene sampling, so as to improve customers' full experience of buying windows

new products such as sliding doors, sunshine rooms and casement windows in youmi decorative door and window store

on the day of the opening of youmi decorative door and window store, many new and old customers came one after another, and many iron powder dragged friends to visit and buy, which was very popular and lively! We feel very proud when we see that consumers are full of smiles and give thumbs up to the doors and windows of St. Louis. Here, we wish youmi decoration + shengweixuan brand store a prosperous business and a rolling financial source





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