The most popular Yuchai group has nearly 580000 yu

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On August 26, the awarding ceremony of "Yuchai group scholarship and student aid fund" and "Yanping love and student aid fund" of Yuchai group in 2014 was held in the cultural center. Ningxingyong, Secretary of the Party committee of Yuchai Co., Ltd., and guanmin, vice president of the group, Guodeming, Li Tiansheng, deputy secretary of the Party committee, and others attended the ceremony, and lichengjie, chairman of the trade union, presided over the ceremony

at the ceremony of nearly 580000 yuan for the employees' children of Yuchai group, 154 employees' children named in the golden list won the group's scholarships this year. This year is the year that the number of employees' children who have been admitted to one 130 building sealant for stone materials and two colleges and universities is the highest over the years, including 81 students in one college and 73 students in two colleges and universities. At the same time, in view of the fact that it is difficult for employees' children with family difficulties to go to school, the group has issued 85 grants. This year, the accumulative amount of various scholarships and scholarships reached 578400 yuan

guodeming sincerely hopes that the children of the employees who have won the scholarship will cherish this hard won learning opportunity and live up to the expectations of their families and enterprises. As a young man with ideals, ambitions, knowledge and culture, "a modest neutral pen with a slightly increased investment cost is also one of the worst sources of white pollution. He said that Yuchai still needs a large number of talents for its future development. You are welcome to return after learning

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