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The Decree No. 69 issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China stipulates that China has implemented the guidelines for the management of wood packaging materials in international trade since march1,2005. The implementation of this international plant quarantine standard marks that China's plant quarantine work is further in line with international standards, and the application of marks has replaced the original quarantine certificate or fumigation certificate, Make the logo have the seriousness of the law and the authority of the content. The use of exit wooden packaging marks is no longer affected by the original quarantine validity period, and can be reused, and can be "freely" circulated at home and abroad. International marks have become the only certificate for wooden packaging to pass through international ports. Driven by interests, there will be a large number of illegal acts of counterfeiting the international logo of wooden packaging. We have found the wooden packaging from Shanghai counterfeiting the international logo in our inspection and quarantine work. The appearance of counterfeit international marks will greatly affect the implementation of order 69, affect the international reputation of China's inspection and quarantine, and even make order 69 lose its due legal effect in serious cases. Therefore, the anti-counterfeiting work of international marks of outbound wooden packaging is urgent. Based on my own work experience and the current anti-counterfeiting situation in China, the author puts forward the following anti-counterfeiting schemes

1 ID card anti-counterfeiting

this anti-counterfeiting method is based on the principle of resident ID card and the actual situation of our bureau in the quarantine and supervision of exit wooden packaging for a long time. Coding rules: Province code + manufacturer code + enterprise code + production date + serial number, which are unique and traceable. The wooden package is printed with consultation. During the production process, the manufacturer can also make special secret marks at specific parts for easy inquiry. For example, the number of 60 wooden pallets produced by Changzhou Changjiang model packaging factory for Changzhou Changmao biochemical products factory on April 15, 2005 is: to (see Figure 1). Figure 1 Schematic diagram of ID card anti-counterfeiting identification for wooden packaging

2 digital anti-counterfeiting

first, the computer randomly encrypts and generates one or a group of anti-counterfeiting arrays for each wooden packaging if the sealing gasket is broken. Because it is randomly generated and has no rules to follow, no one can predict the composition of other arrays, which makes it impossible for anyone to fabricate in batches, including the person who generates the arrays. The array consists of 16-20 digits, he added, which guarantees that the probability of random guessing is almost zero. After the array is generated, it is saved in the central database of the digital anti-counterfeiting network, and the number is encrypted to generate a new number. This step is mainly based on the original encryption to ensure the absolute security of the digital. This array is printed or written on the wooden packaging. Anyone who needs to identify the authenticity of the identification can just dial the query phone or use SMS to query or link to the designated station to query the authenticity

3 basic GPS and random encryption algorithm anti-counterfeiting

the GPS technology is applied to automatically generate the inspection code of anti-counterfeiting identification, and the GPS application board automatically generates the longitude, latitude and high-accuracy time value of the instrument location to form the inspection code. When the user or the regulatory department verifies, it can confirm the true identity of each product through, SMS or contact. The check code is generated by using a highly reliable random encryption method for longitude, latitude, code generation time, code generation quantity and other information. The verification process is the process of deducing the corresponding information from the encryption result

4 ink anti-counterfeiting

the application of ink anti-counterfeiting technology to wood packaging anti-counterfeiting is realized by changing the ink formula or adding some special sensitive materials to ordinary ink. The identification printed with special ink on wooden packaging can be identified according to different characteristics. Its formula and process are confidential and should be strictly managed; Its products should also be supplied to the designated manufacturers at fixed points and on a regular basis. Special personnel should be assigned to use the products on a fixed machine to strictly prevent proliferation. For example, photosensitive anti-counterfeiting ink is an ink that can emit special visible light under the irradiation of light, such as ultraviolet fluorescent ink and sunlight excited color changing ink can emit visible light under the irradiation of ultraviolet light and sunlight respectively; Infrared anti-counterfeiting ink is a kind of ink made by adding substances with different infrared absorption characteristics into the ink and matching the infrared absorption characteristics. It can identify its mark through instrument detection. Another example is that thermal anti-counterfeiting ink can usually change color at 34~100 ℃, and the authenticity can be recognized when the ink on the mark is heated; Pressure sensitive anti-counterfeiting ink can change color under pressure friction. This ink is used to print colored or invisible marks on wooden packages. When hard objects or tools are used to rub and press, the color appears, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. Magnetic anti-counterfeiting ink is a kind of conventional anti-counterfeiting ink. It adds magnetic powder materials into the ink and prints with magnetic ink at a certain part of the wooden packaging to form a secret anti-counterfeiting ink

5 multi level integrated anti-counterfeiting

as each anti-counterfeiting technology has its limitations, its technical secret will lose its anti-counterfeiting function once it is mastered by criminals. In order to increase the anti-counterfeiting effect of outbound wooden packaging marks, it is very necessary to increase the feasibility, confidentiality and complexity of anti-counterfeiting technology. A single anti-counterfeiting measure is easy to be cracked, and the multi-level anti-counterfeiting scheme can further enhance the reliability of anti-counterfeiting of outbound wooden packaging marks. The implementation method is to comprehensively use the above anti-counterfeiting methods. For example, the ID card anti-counterfeiting technology and the ink anti-counterfeiting technology are superimposed, plus the manufacturer's Secret mark query. In this way, if the fixture slips, the possibility of molecular imitation marks is almost zero; Or the combination of digital anti-counterfeiting technology and ink anti-counterfeiting technology can also greatly increase the difficulty and cost of logo imitation

the quality of anti-counterfeiting effect also depends on the confidentiality of anti-counterfeiting technology. The laws and formulas of ID card anti-counterfeiting, digital anti-counterfeiting and ink anti-counterfeiting should be kept strictly confidential. In particular, the anti-counterfeiting effect of ink should be achieved by unified formula, unified storage, unified sales, fixed-point use, effective supervision and prevention of proliferation

due to the short time of applying the international mark of outbound wooden packaging, the above anti-counterfeiting methods are only the preliminary exploration of the author and the anti-counterfeiting scientific research department. We have listed the anti-counterfeiting technology research of the international mark of outbound wooden packaging as a scientific research project for special research. We will develop the anti-counterfeiting technology of the international mark of outbound wooden packaging suitable for China's national conditions and apply it to the front line of inspection and quarantine, In order to maintain the authority and seriousness of the international logo of China's outbound wooden packaging, maintain the reputation of China's trade and promote foreign trade

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