Nine causes and measures of corrugated flattening

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Nine reasons and measures for corrugated board being flattened

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core tip: if corrugated board is flattened, it will seriously affect the pressure transformation of the board, and also directly affect the empty box compression of the carton. There are many reasons for paperboard flattening, which are analyzed and solved one by one below

3. Check, adjust or repair all the bite points that may cause flattening corrugated. It is troublesome to disassemble and install the swing group, such as the paper guide roller, paper pressing roller or hot plate pressure system of the cross cutter is not parallel or the position is adjusted improperly, or the applied pressure is too large, there is tension on one side of the paper web on the overpass, and the lifting conveyor belt

4. Reduce the braking of base paper holder; Check the position of the preprocessor

5. Reduce the amount of steam sprayed on the core paper

6. Reduce the glue amount gap between single-sided paperboard and face paper

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7 Keep the conveyor belt speed consistent

8. Check the factors causing the flattening of corrugated after the formation of corrugated, and check the reasons for the inclination of corrugated

9. Replace the core paper roll and discuss with the base paper supplier

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