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The annual cost of imported instruments is 40 billion yuan, and domestic instruments have a long way to go. Recently, Anhui military grain emergency support center opened a public bidding for instruments and equipment, and plans to purchase 56 types of instruments and equipment such as gas chromatography, liquid chromatography atomic fluorescence spectrometry, etc. for 4million yuan. However, 13 types of analytical instruments such as gas chromatograph and graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer are required to be "imported with original packaging" in the bidding document

coincidentally, recently, the Grain Bureau of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region issued an announcement, with a budget of 22.35 million yuan, to invite bids for the 2017 "high quality grain project" grain quality and safety inspection and monitoring system construction project. However, because it cannot be produced domestically or the technical performance index of the instrument cannot meet the requirements, 46 types of instruments purchased, such as gas chromatograph, high-throughput automatic solid-phase extraction instrument, atomic absorption spectrometer, etc., are required to be imported

it is not uncommon to emphasize import over domestic production. Although China's investment in scientific research has been increasing in recent years, some units are often keen to buy imported instruments when purchasing instruments, even though the price is many times higher than domestic instruments. Instruments of foreign-funded enterprises such as Shimadzu and Agilent can be seen everywhere in the laboratories of some countries, provinces and cities and enterprise units

according to the statistics of the development report of China's scientific instrument industry (2016), China's annual investment in purchasing foreign scientific instruments and equipment is more than 40billion yuan. Many scientific instruments used in China, especially advanced precision instruments, are almost monopolized by western developed countries

looking at the world's scientific and technological powers, almost all are advanced scientific instrument manufacturing powers. If China wants to become a world power in science and technology, it is essential to strengthen the research and development of high-end scientific instruments. Some people may say that since China can't produce high-end scientific instruments, and foreign countries can make them, we can just buy them and use them. Why waste manpower, material resources and time

indeed, today's world is an open world. As the common achievement of human scientific and technological development, we have no reason to refuse scientific instruments. Reasonable procurement can also greatly accelerate the development of China's science and technology, avoid many detours, and realize "overtaking at corners" in some fields. But blindly relying on imports, once there is a foreign technology blockade, it will lead to serious problems in China's scientific and technological development. For example, the recent "ZTE incident" and the "Sino US trade war" have sounded the alarm for China. In terms of high-end scientific instruments, we must have our own core technology and take the initiative, otherwise it is easy to be "stuck"

in order to improve the independent development level of high-end scientific instruments in China, in recent years, China has launched a large number of major scientific instrument development projects, and successfully developed a number of high-end scientific instruments, which has played an important role in national scientific and technological progress. For example, the high-end scientific measurement and diagnosis instrument, high-performance streak camera, independently developed by Xi'an Institute of Optics and precision machinery, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has successfully passed the acceptance, its performance has reached the international advanced level, and has broken the foreign monopoly

in the procurement of some major national projects, domestic instruments have also begun to replace imported instruments and enter the procurement directory. For example, China National Environmental Monitoring Station purchased all domestic instruments in the bidding and procurement of the 2017 national automatic water quality monitoring station collection, updating, improvement and function expansion capacity construction, as well as the capacity construction of Xinjiang regional environmental monitoring station Altay, Ili and Tacheng (including counties and cities) three prefectures (including counties and cities) involved in the water quality monitoring of the boundary between China and Kazakhstan. Xu Delong, vice president of the Academy of engineering

however, we must also be soberly aware that although we are now able to manufacture many advanced scientific instruments, due to the lack of "craftsman spirit", Seiko manufacturing is not regarded as the same rule by instrument manufacturers, and the technical performance, durability and precision of many instruments cannot meet the requirements. In addition, domestic instruments still face some difficulties in actual promotion and application. Even some domestic instruments with performance comparable to imported instruments are still difficult to win the trust of users, and the demand for domestic instruments is greatly limited

in order to strengthen the promotion and use of domestic instruments, on April 21, 2018, the "technical service promotion conference and achievement exhibition for verification and comprehensive evaluation of domestic testing instruments and equipment" was held in Beijing. The purpose of the promotion meeting is to promote a batch of domestic testing instruments with good quality and excellent performance for function and performance comparison and evaluation with imported instruments, so that the enterprises and products participating in the inspection and evaluation can withstand the test and recognition of users, help and provide random supplies to help enterprises improve the quality of domestic testing instruments and equipment, and promote the improvement and development of the overall level of domestic testing instrument and equipment manufacturing industry

all produced equipment has a certain guarantee. With the national attention to the development of domestic scientific instruments and the increase of scientific research capital investment in major instruments, it is believed that the piston will be returned to the end in relevant departments, instrument enterprises and scientific researchers; With the joint efforts of, the road of development and application of high-end scientific instruments in China will be wider and wider, and the prejudice of Chinese people against domestic instruments will be changed

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