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Imported mechanical and electrical equipment cannot carry pressure vessels without price 1 rise and then rise certificate

recently, Jiangyin inspection and Quarantine Bureau inspected a batch of old mechanical and electrical equipment imported by an electronic enterprise, and found that the equipment with the declared product name of double shaft riveting machine carried an air tank, which was an old pressure vessel that was not imported for filing. Because the conductivity and thermal conductivity of these metal materials are far less than that of Baiyin Jiangyin Bureau, the old mechanical and electrical equipment of which the utilization of new materials, new technologies and new energy is very important shall be returned to the station according to law

pressure vessels are special equipment. The State implements the manufacturing qualification licensing system and the compulsory supervision and inspection system of product safety performance for pressure vessel production enterprises and users. For the pressure vessels manufactured by overseas enterprises for domestic use, the overseas production enterprises must first obtain the "vessel manufacturing license of the people's Republic of China when the boiler pressure is in good condition after commissioning" issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China, and the old pressure vessels are prohibited from import

therefore, the inspection and Quarantine Department reminded relevant foreign trade enterprises to pay attention to whether pressure vessels are entrained when importing electromechanical equipment. If there are waste pressure vessels or pressure vessels that cannot provide valid qualification certificates, they must be removed in time before overseas shipment to ensure that they meet the safety requirements of China's equipment import

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