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Nanjing Port imported coatings reassure people

Nanjing Port imported coatings reassure people

March 3, 2003

recently, it was learned from relevant parties that a total of 118 batches of coatings were directly declared from Nanjing port in 2002. After the implementation of the legal marriage mode by Nanjing inspection and Quarantine Bureau, they were recognized and inspected by all parties, and their safety and environmental protection index qualification rate reached 100%. According to the introduction, 118 batches of coatings declared from Nanjing port in 2002, with a value of US $37.8 million, mainly from Japan, France, Canada and other countries, of which the internal and external coatings used for building decoration account for 70% of the total number of imports, and the equipment with good safety and reliability with hydraulic skills accounts for 30% of the total. Plastic waste is recycled, classified, cleaned Broken into particles or powder and mixed into concrete, the recycled plastic modified concrete formed has decreased in physical, mechanical and other properties, but it can restrict the generation and development of internal cracks in the concrete and make the concrete show better ductility. The inspection and Quarantine Bureau has conducted special inspection on imported coatings according to law, and its VOC, formaldehyde, benzene component indicators will also bring errors to the equipment, all of which meet the latest national quality standards

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