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On the evening of January 16, Jin Sheng intelligence () issued a reply announcement to the previous letter of concern about the company's plan to use genesis for equity financing, The announcement said "The company expects that with the easing of the Sino US trade war, the state's stimulus policies for consumer goods such as automobiles and household appliances, the 5g communication network will be fully rolled out soon, the communication industry will usher in the opportunity of comprehensively upgrading and transforming equipment fixed assets, and the rapid conversion of 3C product shells such as intelligence from metal to glass will bring about the rapid growth of the demand for glass machine equipment, which will greatly improve the sales of the company's machine tool products. The company is positive Facing an important period of strategic opportunities. "

according to the reply announcement, as of the end of the third quarter of 2018, excluding the impact of the decline in the sales of drilling, milling and tapping machines, the company's on hand orders increased by 44.19% year-on-year. In addition, the main products of Genesis are exported overseas, and have been highly praised by market users in developed countries such as Spain, Germany and France, and have established better sales channels in more than 10 important industrial countries along the belt and road, such as Russia, Turkey and Argentina. In 2018, the company's overseas product sales increased by 81% year-on-year

Jin Sheng intelligence announced on January 7 that it plans to carry out equity financing with genesis equity as the subject, introducing a financing fund of 600million yuan, which can further optimize the company's cash flow and lay a good foundation for scale expansion. In addition, the investor gave Genesis a pre investment valuation of 4.2 billion yuan, with a high valuation level, indicating that the investor is confident in the future development of Genesis

the announcement also shows that Genesis and Jinsheng intelligent promise that the net profit deducted by Genesis in 2019, 2020 and 2021 will not be less than 400million yuan, 440million yuan and 480million yuan respectively. The aforementioned insiders also pointed out that under the current general trend of import substitution in the CNC industry, combined with the performance of Genesis in recent years, it is a high probability event to realize the performance commitment of this financing

in recent years, with the rapid development of China's industrial transformation and upgrading and strategic emerging industries, the equipment manufacturing industry represented by intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing has become a pillar industry of the national economy. Realizing the transformation of China's equipment manufacturing industry from large to strong has become the main goal of the country to develop the equipment manufacturing industry. At the same time, with the implementation of the strategy of building a well-off society in an all-round way, people have a higher pursuit of quality of life. Consumer electronics industry, automobile industry and other fields that reflect the trend of "consumption entertainment" are ushering in a period of rapid development. In the context of the above industrial transformation and upgrading, CNC machine tools also have a good electrical performance industry. As an important processing equipment in the above industry, it is also in the process of consumption upgrading. Now many companies adopt feeder to join the color masterbatch trend and usher in new growth points

cnc machine tool industry is a typical cyclical industry. The general product life of machine tools is about 10 years, so the industry is about a business cycle every year. According to the Research Report of CICC, the last cycle of the machine tool industry began in 2009 and lasted until 2016. In 2017, the market rebounded strongly, and the machine tool industry entered a new boom cycle, and CNC machine tools are expected to become the highlight of the new cycle

according to the Yearbook of China's machine tool industry, China accounted for 35% of the global machine tool consumption in 2015. According to frost Sullivan, a third-party market research institution, in 2016, the revenue and sales of machine tools in China reached about 284.1 billion yuan and 1.8 million units respectively. It is estimated that the utilization of 20 excavators in the sole of shoes will reach 317.3 billion yuan and 2million units respectively in 21 years, with a compound annual growth rate of about 2.2% and 1.8%. At present, China's imports from Japan and Germany exceed 60% of China's total demand for CNC high-precision machine tools. According to the guidelines for the implementation of Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering (year), the localization rate of CNC machine tools in China will exceed 50% by 2020. According to the statistics of China Customs, the total import of machine tools in China in 2016 was about 7.5 billion US dollars, and there is a huge space for import substitution

insiders pointed out that the import substitution of CNC machine tools will actively assist the orderer to complete the maintenance tasks, and the substitution trend will bring new opportunities to China's machine tool manufacturing enterprises. Genesis, a subsidiary of Kingsoft intelligence, as a domestic CNC leader, is expected to achieve rapid growth under this background. Genesis is a leading manufacturer of high-end CNC machine tools in China. It mainly provides advanced intelligent CNC equipment such as high-end CNC machine tools dominated by high-speed and precision CNC machining centers for consumer electronics, communications, automobile manufacturing, rail transit and other industries. With the rapid development of the consumer electronics industry, especially the intelligent industry, the CNC machine tool products of Genesis continue to achieve import substitution, the domestic market share is getting higher and higher, and the historical performance is rising

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