Application of DTU under the configuration softwar

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The application of DTU under the configuration software of Asian control

with the movement 3. The exposed sliding parts, gears, pulleys, etc. of the experimental machine should be protected and installed; Since the introduction of GPRS wireless data transmission, the advantages of GPRS, such as fast communication speed, low communication cost and flexible group, have been more and more valued by customers. GPRS data transmission terminal, with tcp/ip protocol conversion function, does not need users to provide tcp/ip support. It can be applied to all terminal devices with serial ports, and realizes wireless and transparent transmission of data information through GPRS network platform, providing GPRS communication capability for terminal devices that do not have tcp/ip protocol processing. At present, GPRS data transmission terminals have been widely used in various fields with faster delivery time, such as environmental protection, hydrology and water conservancy, oil field, electric power, industrial control, etc. they have been well used in data transmission and monitoring

the GPRS service program developed by Beijing yacon supports the communication between the GPRS data transmission terminal (hereinafter referred to as GPRS DTU) and the serial port device developed by yacon. Through the exhibition service program, yacon GPRS service currently supports Beijing jiafuxin's GPRS DTU equipment and the supported operating environment, WIN2000, WINXP, WinNT

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