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The application of bar code direct printing technology

bar code, as an identifier, is playing a more and more important role in the production, storage, transportation and circulation of products. With the development of science and technology, there are many ways to generate bar codes. Nowadays, the main methods we use include pre printing and on-site generation. Pre printing is generally completed by wet ink printing process, which is generally used when printing commodity packaging in large quantities. It has the advantages of low cost, large quantity and high efficiency. However, when enterprises need to change the barcode produced relatively frequently in multi variety production, the pre printing method faces great challenges, and the advantages of on-site generation in this case are also reflected. At present, on-site barcode printing generally adopts graphic printer or special barcode printer to print barcode symbols, which are pasted on the product surface after generation. With the maturity of technology, there are some new choices. It is gradually becoming a reality to directly print bar codes on products through inkjet printer. The barcode printing machine can adapt to the high-speed production line, greatly improve the work efficiency, avoid human errors, and ensure the uniqueness of each product code, so that the barcode can truly become the ID card of parts or products, and can realize the traceability of individual products

inkjet printer is a kind of equipment that prints variable information on products during production. Due to the technical characteristics of the equipment, So that it can enter the oil cylinder and give each product a different number accurately under the condition of fast speed (the marking speed can reach hundreds of meters per minute, completing the marking of thousands of products, so it has been widely used in modern large-scale production. A large number of products circulating in the market adopt the marking method of inkjet, such as production date, product batch number, etc. inkjet machine is the preferred equipment to directly print anti-counterfeiting codes on the surface of products. At the same time, inkjet machine can print all kinds of bar codes and patterns on products and parts It is widely used in production and circulation

· application of spray printing barcode technology in product production process

1) real time variable

spray printing machine can spray out different barcodes like the production date. This makes it possible for enterprises to code each part in the process of production management

2) production process management

the barcode printed can be automatically assigned to each production line. At the same time, the information recorded by the barcode can track the production source, time and other relevant information of each component

3) high speed

inkjet printer is the product of industrialization, and its high speed can fully meet the requirements of various production lines

4) high accuracy

inkjet printer is installed. It automatically performs inkjet printing in accordance with the production requirements of the production line, avoiding the possibility of mistakes caused by manual operation in the production process by the labeling method adopted by many enterprises

5) cost

because the inkjet printer has become or is becoming a necessary equipment for many enterprises, making full use of its function of inkjet bar code can make the inkjet printer play a greater role and produce more derivative value

2. Application of spray bar code technology in enterprise logistics (storage and transportation) management

spray bar code is also widely used in enterprise logistics, especially in the bar code identification of commodity storage and transportation units. In some developed countries in Europe and the United States, spray bar code is gradually becoming the first choice for the bar code identification of the storage and transportation units (such as outer packaging cartons) of enterprise products

the bar code on the outer box must be marked. Many car users who like to use their brains have developed a simple and useful test method to make all links of circulation readable, otherwise the bar code is meaningless in the circulation link. This requires that the barcode of the identified storage and transportation unit must comply with the EAN · UCC standard, that is, ucc/ean-128 barcode or itf14 barcode

in terms of barcode identification of storage and transportation units, compared with other technologies, ink-jet technology has its significant advantages:

· flexibility

pre printed outer packaging cartons, which will cause enterprises to face many troubles, and also bring enterprises a large number of pre printed carton inventory. The use of inkjet printer equipment is not only conducive to solving these problems, but also can complete the identification of the patterns required for the outer box packaging, and can be adjusted at any time

· high speed

the high speed of inkjet equipment can adapt to various types of packaging production lines

· real time variable

more and more enterprises want to uniquely identify each storage and transportation unit, so ucc/ean-128 barcode is being used more and more. Traditional pre printing cannot realize the unique identification of individual storage and transportation units, and the work efficiency of bar code printers may cause bottlenecks to the overall production of enterprises, which requires high-speed inkjet equipment to realize the unique identification of each storage and transportation unit

· error free

the code spraying equipment directly sprays on the carton, minimizing the manual intervention in the identification link and avoiding the errors caused thereby

· a wide range of printable

code spraying equipment can not only spray bar codes, numbers, characters, etc., but also realize the identification of company logo, pictures and other information

· cost saving

printing equipment can save the cost of carton inventory and manual errors; At the same time, because most enterprises need to use inkjet equipment to mark the production date on the outer box, when purchasing the outer box inkjet equipment, enterprises only need to pay attention to selecting those equipment that can mark in line with international and domestic standards (itf-14, ucc/ean-128 code) to achieve multi-purpose

the multiple advantages of inkjet equipment are making it an important scheme for enterprises to choose barcode marking equipment for outer packaging. Enterprises should choose spray printing equipment that has been verified and can use the previous relevant experience of Meibai electronics to print in line with relevant international and national bar code standards

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