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The import volume fell, and the domestic propylene oxide market was at a high level. Last week (March 21-march 25), polyether manufacturers finally couldn't resist the sluggish market sales, and the transaction price began to slowly decline. Some manufacturers revealed that although the market quotation was basically flat, the actual transaction price of manufacturers tended to decline due to the poor market situation of polyether. Under the double pressure of cost and sales volume, polyether manufacturers began to expect the synchronous decline of their raw material propylene oxide Market

however, in the face of the continued weakness of the downstream polyether market, propylene oxide remained at a high level, mainly due to the loss of customers due to the forced price rise of small factories due to scope and capital constraints, the decline in the import volume of foreign propylene oxide and the insufficient production capacity of domestic propylene oxide. Although the total demand for propylene oxide is not prominent at present, the foreseeable "tight supply" in the later market is enough to support its price to remain stable at a high level

according to customs statistics, the total import volume of propylene oxide in January 2011 was 26164 tons, a decrease of 14.83% over the previous month and 9.31% over the same period last year; In February 2011, the total import volume of propylene oxide was 20251 tons, a decrease of 22.60% over the previous month and 10.07% over the same period last year. According to our statistics, as of March 29, the total import volume of propylene oxide in March still did not see a significant upward trend. With the arrival of the overhaul period of foreign devices, the import volume of propylene oxide may even decline further in April

the main importing countries of propylene oxide in China are Singapore and Saudi Arabia. Recently, Singapore has begun to overhaul and maintain the propylene oxide device to avoid other personnel from accidentally moving the gauge. It is expected that the production of the manufacturer's device will be suspended during this period, and China's import volume may be affected. Why is there static electricity in this electronic universal testing machine? In addition, Saudi Arabia also plans to start the overhaul of propylene oxide device in late April. Although the specific time has not been decided yet, the successive overhaul and shutdown of Singapore and Saudi Arabia is bound to lead to a phased shortage of domestic propylene oxide imports

in Japan, the earthquake caused the shutdown of 400000 tons of propylene oxide plant, which will affect the market supply of propylene oxide in Asia. It is reported that Japan's main exporter is South Korea, and only some small orders are exported to China, which has little impact on China's overall propylene oxide imports. However, the shutdown of propylene oxide in Japan has brought subtle psychological changes to domestic propylene oxide manufacturers. The manufacturer is optimistic about the market in the later stage, and the market quotation is strong

industry forecasts: weak downstream demand has always been the biggest negative factor limiting the rise in the price of propylene oxide, while the decline in imports and insufficient domestic production capacity of propylene oxide have also made it difficult for the price of propylene oxide to fall. Therefore, the recent price of propylene oxide has always been hovering on the edge of the market with "weak rise" and "hopeless fall". It is expected that the transaction price of domestic sources of propylene oxide will be stable in the short term

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