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Harbin: imported cosmetics are busy changing new clothes

recently, the imported cosmetics counter in Harbin shopping malls has launched many new packages and products, which is very strange, because the speed of introducing new products of imported cosmetics has not been very fast. Why? According to an insider, the price of imported cosmetics has increased by about 10% this year. In order to prevent consumers from feeling the price rise, a large number of new products and new packaging have been launched, making it impossible for people to compare prices

recently, I visited the imported cosmetics counters in several major shopping malls in Harbin and found that the prices of some imported cosmetics have begun to rise, with an average range of about 10%. In front of the cosmetics counter of an imported brand, it was found that the old eye cream and face cream packaged a few months ago had been "relegated to the second tier" and replaced by new packaging. After the package was changed, the price was also adjusted. Take an eye cream as an example. The price of the original 30 grams is more than 250 yuan, and the price of the new 20 grams is 180 yuan. It seems that innovative materials are suitable for engine utilization and door structure. In fact, it has increased by nearly 1 yuan per gram. "Is the packaging cost higher after changing the packaging?" Ask the service staff. The service lady said, "no, the previous packaging was cumbersome, so the cost of replacing the packaging should not change." As for why the price rose secretly, most cosmetics salesmen said that it was the manufacturer's adjustment, and they did not know it

why does the price of imported cosmetics rise instead of fall? An insider told that the main reason for the price rise was the ratio of the euro to the US dollar last year. 7. The needle valve oiling Cup group rose, with an appreciation rate of nearly 6%. The production cost of imported cosmetics rose, leading to a rise in prices

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