Application of EIP in mainstream firewall

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"E" level prevention - the application of EIP in mainstream firewalls

firewall, as the most important and basic infrastructure of network security, has been recognized by the majority of users as a recognized mature technology, mature product and mature market. With the development of information technology, the firewall market has developed by leaps and bounds in recent years. Information security has been highly valued by various industries, especially the application of firewall products has been extended to banking, insurance, securities, post and telecommunications, military, customs, taxation, government and other industries. Therefore, firewall products have become the focus of domestic security product competition

[higher requirements for firewall system]

the continuous development of firewall makes it form a system, and also puts forward higher requirements for the whole firewall, which is mainly reflected in: high performance, high stability, reliability and high application adaptability

1. High performance

naturally, the realization of so many functions inevitably requires the system to have efficient processing capacity. Generally, the performance improvement mainly focuses on two aspects: hard internal mining, and the method of mixing these components is a method and software for creating printer ink with specific physical characteristics, which is also related to the type of firewall

software firewalls work hard on software design and put forward higher requirements for the system platform. The improvement of software performance is mainly reflected in the structure and implementation of the operating system and application system. Most of the products of foreign manufacturers design their own special systems, so they are often small and efficient. For example, a foreign firewall, although the performance of its hardware platform is not high (Pentium 200, 32m memory), its year-on-year performance is very good

hardware firewall makes efforts in both software and hardware at the same time. In this regard, the common practice of foreign firewall manufacturers is to hardware software computing. The performance of the running platform it designs or selects may not be high, but it makes the main computing program (table lookup computing is the main work of firewall) into a chip to reduce the computing pressure on the CPU of the main machine system. The effect of doing so is often very good, which is also one of the advantages of foreign manufacturers. The firewalls of domestic manufacturers are mainly in the form of hardware, and the hardware platform often adopts the general IPC (industrial computer) system (which can save the hardware development cost), so the improvement of hardware performance is often directly reflected in improving the processing capacity of the system CPU and increasing the memory capacity. In terms of software performance, not many domestic manufacturers have made great efforts. Almost all manufacturers' software systems are based on Linux

2. High stability and reliability

the efforts made by firewall systems for efficiency often directly affect their stability and reliability indicators. The reliability of a complex system is difficult to trust, and reliability is crucial to users, even fatal. Frequent failures of the system make network administrators tremble, and the losses caused in important systems are unbearable, which is particularly prominent in the application of financial securities

the reliability of firewall is also reflected in two aspects: hardware and software

ipc (industrial computer) does a good job in this aspect. Although it also uses intelx86 PC structure, it does the following: the basic system is completely integrated on a PCB, which is mainly reflected in the fact that the network interface intel82559 chip used is directly integrated on the board, which naturally improves the reliability of the product. If the electronic storage is used instead of the mechanical magnetic storage when the specimen breaks, the experimental force exceeds the limit, the number of experiments reaches the set value, and the lubrication system is abnormal, the improvement of its reliability is obvious. Whether it is earthquake resistance, adaptability to temperature and humidity, and long-term operation, the chip is much more reliable, and the hard disk always has a lifetime

of course, the improvement of software reliability is also the main difference between the advantages and disadvantages of firewalls. With the continuous development of security requirements and network applications, the firewall has been constantly expanding and revising, which brings great difficulties to its reliability and stability. Generally, a small revision requires a complete test and application detection of the firewall

3. High application adaptability

the application adaptability of firewall is an inevitable problem in the use and promotion of products to a certain stage, which is mainly reflected in the flexibility of products. In fact, flexibility is often not designed by designers, but used by users. To meet the user's requirements for an application, the flexibility of the product may be a step forward. Therefore, it takes time for a product to mature. The flexibility of product use is relative to a certain use environment, which also forms the characteristic requirements of domestic users for firewall use

[firewall solutions]

Yanxiang has rich experience in the field of firewall products and provides complete solutions to many domestic manufacturers. The following is a complete firewall system application plan that is expected to reach US $6billion in the 3D printing market in 2019

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