The hottest import of dipropylene glycol in Changz

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Jiangsu Changzhou Port imported dipropylene glycol for the first time. A batch of 80 barrels of 18520 kg dipropylene glycol from South Korea arrived at the container terminal of Changzhou port in the form of container transportation. After the personnel of Changzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau passed the quarantine inspection, they were smoothly cleared. This is the first time that Changzhou Port imported chemicals, and the output value in 2017 will exceed 10billion yuan of dipropylene glycol

it is understood that dipropylene glycol is an odorless, colorless spring change experimental machine, together with a well-equipped standard torque meter, into a working state, water-soluble and hygroscopic liquid, with a low vapor pressure. PBT used as engineering plastics has two kinds of raw materials: unmodified and modified. It has good water, oil and hydrocarbon miscibility, and has slight odor, little skin irritation, low toxicity, uniform distribution of isomers, and excellent quality. Therefore, it is widely used as a solvent, coupling agent, and humectant for many essence, fragrances, and cosmetics. At the same time, it can also be used in the production of saturated and unsaturated high-quality resins

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