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Asian caprolactam, acrylonitrile and other intermediates Market

the spot price of caprolactam in Asia rose by $50 this period (ton price, the same below). Manufacturers try to raise their quotations, because the current spot price is almost as low as the cost level, while the price of raw benzene is strong. Due to the active replenishment transaction at the beginning of the period, the transaction price of ocean shipping at the end of may/early June was US $2550 (CFR, China, 90 day letter of credit). The Chinese market opened on May 2. The delivery price of shipment at the end of may/early June was about US $2580 (CFR, China). The transaction was limited, and the transaction price was US $2580 (CFR, China). On May 2, some spot sales prices among traders rose to $2600 (CFR, China), but there was no deal at this price level. The quotation of a Belarusian bid is based on the price on May 2 and is US $2600 (CFR, China, prepaid). China's domestic price rose by 250-600 yuan to 0300-20650 yuan (Kuti) when the pendulum of 2 experimental machine fell

purified terephthalic acid (PTA) after China's "May Day" holiday, the spot price of PTA in Asia rose, and the transaction was still depressed. Most Chinese polyester manufacturers rely on contract supply, with limited spot demand. In the Indian market, PTA prices rose 1.40 rupees to 64.80 rupees/kg on May 1. China's domestic PTA supply is still tight, and some new polyester manufacturers still have good demand for imported PTA, with the quotation of 1165 ~ 1170 US dollars (CFR, India), but the seller's quotation or target price is above 1180 US dollars (CFR, India). Then the measurement wear error increases in China's import market. On May 2, the spot price in Taiwan, China rose to 1165 ~ 1170 US dollars (CFR, China's main port), and the Korean cargo price was 1155 ~ 1160 US dollars (CFR, China's main port)

acrylonitrile in this period, the spot market price of acrylonitrile in Asia fell further, and the buying interest was weak. The interest in spot purchase is low, and the buyer is still on the scene. Some Asian acrylonitrile manufacturers are willing to sell their shipments at the price of US $2000 (CFR, Asia) due to low demand. The price of acrylonitrile in China further fell by more than 1000 yuan to 13000 yuan (Kuti). China's new purchase intention price of cargo in May fell to about US $1700 (CFR, Northeast Asia), in line with the domestic price trend. However, due to the limited spot supply, the acrylonitrile quotation is still at the level of US $2000 (CFR, Northeast Asia). Due to the weak market transmission and stability, India's spot purchase interest is still low, and the buying interest fell to $1900 (CFR, India), while the selling price was $100 higher

the spot price of acetic acid in Asia rose by US $5 ~ 20 in this period due to the high negotiation level of shipment price in June. Chinese manufacturers raised the shipment price in June by $10 ~ 20 to $510 ~ 520 (FOB, China). Traders quoted $520 ~ 550 (FOB, China), but there was no deal. A 3000 ton shipment of Chinese cargo in June was sold to India at $510 (FOB, China), and the shipment in June was sold at $520 (FOB, China). In Northeast Asia, import prices rose by $10 due to higher bid and transaction prices. The purchase intention price is 520 ~ 530 US dollars (CFR, Northeast Asia), and some export transaction prices are 510 US dollars (CFR, Northeast Asia). The intended selling price of local and Chinese shipments is US $510 (FOB), equivalent to US $545 ~ 550 (CFR, Northeast Asia). In Southeast Asia, import prices rebounded and transactions were scarce. The purchase intention price was basically $500 (CFR, Southeast Asia). Import prices in South Asia rose by $5 to $15 to $555 to $575 (CFR, Southeast Asia)

due to the increase in supply of acetone and the recent instability of crude oil futures prices, the spot price of acetone in China fell slightly in this period. Due to cost pressure, most local manufacturers are unwilling to reduce prices. Spot trading is sluggish, buyers are on the scene, and the price trend is unclear. In the Chinese market, the spot price including zero anti-dumping duty and 5.5% import duty fell by $10, reflecting the situation of bid submission and scarce transactions. The sales intention price of local cargoes including zero anti-dumping duty and 5.5% import duty is basically $1060 (CFR load sensor measurement experimental force, China). The quotation of ocean shipping in May, which does not include anti-dumping duties but includes 5.5% import tariffs, fell to US $1060 ~ 1065 (CFR, China), but failed to attract buyers. The purchase intention price was basically US $1040 (CFR, China), and the supply was sufficient. The prices of Gaoqiao and Yanshan Petrochemical are still 8250 yuan (Kuti) and 8400 yuan (Kuti). The price of imported cargo fell by 50 ~ 100 yuan, 8100 ~ 8200 yuan (Kuti) in East China and 8200 ~ 8250 yuan (Kuti) in South China. In the Southeast Asian market, the spot valuation is stable, reflecting the transaction situation. The transaction price of 1000 tons of goods shipped from Singapore to Indonesia in May is US $1080 (CFR, Southeast Asia)

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