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Yacon joined hands with YINGSHUO system to expand the Taiwan market

since yacon technology formulated the overseas market development strategy last year, in this short half year, yacon technology has successively participated in a series of overseas market project development and market promotion. Returning from the Korean exhibition that has just ended and attracted worldwide attention, yacon technology has invested in a new round of overseas market development. It has made every effort to prevent many competitors from reaching a consensus with YINGSHUO System Engineering Co., Ltd., a well-known enterprise in the field of automatic control in Taiwan. Since 2007, the two sides have jointly promoted the Taiwan market

in April, 2007, at the Beijing banking center, the signing representatives of Yakong technology and YINGSHUO technology sat on the signing table and jointly signed the regional agent agreement. Yakong technology officially authorized YINGSHUO technology to become the exclusive agent of Kingview series industrial automation software in Taiwan. Thus, it marks that yacon technology configuration software will stride into the Taiwan market and provide software services for Taiwan's manufacturing industry. In the future, Yakong technology and YINGSHUO technology will jointly promote the development of configuration software business in the Taiwan market through multi-level business cooperation. Yakong technology and YINGSHUO technology, as well-known manufacturers in the field of soft weight, heavy weight parts and hardware to measure the elastic modulus of low carbon steel, will give full play to their resource advantages in business areas and regions, and achieve win-win cooperation through complementary business development and resource allocation

this cooperation with Taiwan counterparts is an important step for Yakong technology to further move towards the international market. It also further shortens the distance between the markets of East Asia and Southeast Asia, and has accumulated more experience in market action and technology development for product localization in the future

background information:

YINGSHUO System Engineering Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in automatic control/trade, as well as instrument and electrical engineering and production automation; Has a large customer base. For example: Taiwan Glass Industry Company of Taoyuan factory

1. Software and hardware integration, software design and development, and installation and construction of automatic control equipment

2. Graphic instrument ActiveX software control component design and development and agent sales

3. I & C, electrical engineering

4. Twindisc torque converter, clutch and angular gear reducer are agents in the United States

5. Austria B RPLC and DCS agent distribution

6. Chinese Mainland Beijing Shiji Feiyang computer graphics instrument ActiveX software control element "all parts agent distribution.

7. Chinese Mainland Beijing Yakong technology SCADA roughly has the following commonalities: graphic control software agent distribution

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