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Artificial intelligence and new forms of literature and art (literary theory longitude and latitude)

original title: artificial intelligence and new forms of literature and art (literary theory longitude and latitude)

the era of artificial intelligence enables artists to obtain exceptionally rich and diverse, broad and profound thinking materials, life practice and life experience, and brew new soil for building an epoch-making artistic peak

facing the future, we should build a solid foundation of human spirit and adhere to the ontological value orientation of art; Actively make use of the achievements of modern scientific and technological civilization and fully integrate into the scientific cognitive dimension; Accumulate far-reaching vision and consciously introduce the future dimension; We are in the midst of an unprecedented transformation brought about by the blending and agitation of historical trends such as high-tech, Internet, globalization and social transformation. Artificial intelligence is one of the most noticeable trends in this transformation

in the past 10 years, with the development of big data, cloud computing, Internet, IOT and other technologies, artificial intelligence has crossed the technological gap between science and application and entered a period of explosive growth. "Intelligence +" has become an innovative paradigm, penetrating all walks of life. At present, artificial intelligence has reached or exceeded the human level in many fields such as visual image recognition, speech recognition, text processing, etc., has emerged in the fields of visual art and programming, and has achieved remarkable success in image classification, automatic driving, machine translation, gait movement, question and answer system, etc. Whether it is joy, expectation, panic or doubt, the whole human society will quickly enter the era of artificial intelligence

imitating human beings, the beginning of artificial intelligence literature and art

artificial intelligence refers to the technology that uses machines to replace human beings to realize the functions of cognition, recognition, analysis and so on. Its essence is the simulation of human consciousness and thinking process. It is an interdisciplinary subject integrating computer science, physiology, philosophy and so on. In a brief history of the future, Israeli historian Yuval herali said that AI based on big data and complex algorithms has made the world experience a great leap from Homo sapiens to "God Man", which is more revolutionary than the transformation from ape to man. Such a state of the times enables artists to obtain unusually rich and diverse, broad and profound thinking materials, life practice and life experience, and brew a new soil for building an epoch-making artistic peak. Giving full play to the perception, imagination, shaping and penetration of aesthetics and art brought by artificial intelligence is an important topic that contemporary artists must face and undertake

in the field of literature and art, through in-depth learning, Microsoft's robot "Xiaobing" has been able to write poems comparable to human poets, and published the first artificial intelligence poetry anthology in human history - "the sun lost the window". In the field of audio-visual art, a music professor named David Kopp in the United States wrote a set of computer programs and used them to compose concertos, symphonies and operas, which caused great controversy in the classical music industry, but the touching and resonance brought by the music is real. In the field of plastic arts, artificial neural networks can separate the content and style of a work, transfer the artistic style to another work while learning from the artistic masters, and render the same content with the styles of different artists. This means that the artificial neural network can accurately quantify the fuzzy concepts of many humanities, and make these skills that can only be understood but cannot be expressed in words simple and clear, easy to copy and promote. The Disneyland research center and the California Institute of technology jointly study how to let artificial intelligence shoot a football match and automatically capture wonderful pictures through machines. In the near future, a novice who does not understand photography, holding an AI camera with super computing and communication capabilities, can contact the remote data center through IOT and cloud technology, and complete a landscape photo with excellent light, color and composition with the assistance of experienced AI in photography

today, machine painting, machine performance, machine writing and aesthetic calculation are increasingly approaching the level of human art. Tomorrow, will machines replace all the artistic creations of today's artists? It is too early to answer yes or no, and the answer can only be given to time. People often say that the past can be traced back, but it cannot be changed; The future can be created, but it is unpredictable. Facing the current reality, what we need to think about most is how to find a solid foothold, an effective reference system and a new value scale under the impact of artificial intelligence, return to the noumenon, return to the origin and return to the essence, re-examine and look forward to the future of aesthetic art, and build an art peak worthy of a great era and a great nation

break through "imitation" and approach the main body of artistic creation

aesthetics is the origin of art, and art is the production, presentation and transmission of human aesthetic sensibility. This bio based 2,3-bdo market is rich in profits, and its sensibility does not only stay at the primary, direct and realistic sensory level, but also a deep-seated and transcendental life sensibility. This sensibility is different from scientific cognition. It has special complexity and mystery, and has spiritual qualities such as super senses, super life, super technology, super logic, super rationality and super concept. It cannot be reduced and confused with cognitive activities and belief activities. In the context of artificial intelligence and professional artificial intelligence today, we can still judge carefully that the noumenon of art is still unshakable. The current AI creation is based on the development of big data and deep learning technology. Its creation core is "data" and "algorithm". It only deals with the stylization and technicalization of a certain art, and does not involve the important categories of emotion, imagination, feeling and so on in the essence of art, let alone the important social and cultural functions of artistic symbols and criticism. In short, AI creation does not have the subjective sensibility of aesthetics

however, when the future AI and general AI come, the situation will become very complex, and unexpected cultural landscapes will emerge in front of us. Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of the world economic forum, predicted in the fourth industrial revolution that the boundary between human beings and machines has become blurred. The next generation of computer design will be combined with human brain science to enable it to reason, predict and respond like the neocortex of the human brain, and ideas, dreams and desires are also at risk of being deciphered. In the future, strong artificial intelligence will be human level artificial intelligence, which can be compared with humans in many aspects, and super artificial intelligence may be stronger than humans in many aspects. This may be able to break the barrier between the deep feelings of the subject and create a real sense of art. We can even predict a "post human" life picture: with the in-depth development of brain neuroscience, brain computer interface technology and biotechnology, it is possible to achieve "human-computer integration" in the future, and some basic assumptions about human subjectivity will undergo major changes, and human relations will also undergo great changes

by then, art works created by artificial intelligence may also have many characteristics of existing art works and become the main body of art creation. At the same time, artificial intelligence can inject human spirit and consciousness, greatly enhance human intelligence, and thus enhance artistic creativity and appreciation. Some experts even predict an art form based on the accelerated development of quantum physics, computer technology, nanotechnology, biomedicine and strong artificial intelligence - "singularity art". All predictions and judgments we can make at present are still based on the existing level of human intelligence and cognition. There are still infinite possibilities in the future world, full of uncertainty and immeasurable vitality

stick to the value and build a peak for the future

based on the present and looking into the future, how can artists jump and chirp on every branch like birds and soar and look down from the sky like eagles in the era of artificial intelligence that is coming to us and in the historical journey of pursuing the peak of art in the new era? How can we not only step on the solid and reliable earth and take root in the fertile soil of life, but also pull away the dense branches and look up to the deep and distant starry sky through the dim light

first, build the foundation of human spirit and stick to the art of uniaxial compressive strength experiment: the rock experiment is placed between the upper and lower pressing plates of the press to pressurize the noumenon value dimension. When talking about the essence of art, Toynbee said, "if we completely give up this now neglected and initial communication and contact method, we will probably find ourselves in a confused situation.". As physicist Stephen Hawking worried in his final book "answers to major issues", the will of artificial intelligence may have hidden worries that conflict with human will in the future, and its standardized management also needs the intervention and guidance of humanistic spirit. We should firmly believe that the healthy development of science and technology is inseparable from ethical regulations and value guidance, and we must inject more humanistic spirit into it. In the future, human development will not be driven by science and technology, but an ideal garden built by human beings according to the law of beauty and goodness. Aesthetic art satisfies and settles the soul, guides people to pursue a better life, and makes people leap to the "highest realm of life" described by Feng Youlan and Zhang Shiying

second, we should actively make use of the achievements of modern scientific and technological articles, even if they have become the leader of power batteries, and fully integrate them into the scientific cognitive dimension. Technology enables art, and art controls technology. The peak of contemporary art must be the peak of making full use of the achievements of modern scientific and technological civilization. The correct attitude is to be open and inclusive, leaving room for unimaginable possibilities in advance. At present, various forms of network art, digital art, virtual art, fusion art, etc. show us attractive artistic prospects; In the future, the "singularity art" based on the rapid development of various scientific and technological means, as well as important art forms such as intelligent interactive art, nano art and intelligent printing art, will show us the infinite space of the future art peak. The existing cultural resources and spiritual accumulation should be artistically transformed and created in this context

third, accumulate far-reaching vision and consciously introduce the future dimension. Art is also a career facing the future. It often plays the role of a detector of the times, extends to the future, unknown and failed in an aesthetic way, and constructs the future at the spiritual level with artistic language. In the era of artificial intelligence, our frame of reference should be large enough, our vision should be broad enough, and our vision should be long enough to focus on the fate of mankind, the pattern of world civilization, the historical development process and the future vision. Only in the foot

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