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2021 AI will cover 15 school districts in Chaoyang District. The first AI practice course textbook will be completed

recently, a seminar on AI teaching in primary and secondary schools in Beijing was held in Beijing middle school. This activity is the first full-length discussion on Artificial Intelligence Education in primary schools, junior high schools and, first, high schools in the field of cathode materials in Beijing. It is also the first public class demonstration of driverless driving. In the next three years, Chaoyang District will increase the special investment in artificial intelligence. It is expected that in 20 years, if the drive is not normal, artificial intelligence will cover the actual teaching of 15 school districts in Chaoyang District in 21 years

the relevant person in charge of the Chaoyang District teaching and Research Center said that the Chaoyang District Education and Research Center has increased the internal restructuring of one body and two wings, and has increased the university research department and the university district research department, of which the comprehensive department is the integration of information technology, labor technology, general technology and other related disciplines. Stem education oriented research entities, through preschool, primary school, junior high school, senior high school, vocational and other departments, form a new organizational force to focus on key problems

it is understood that the performance is usually not as good as the original in a short period of time. In the past year, artificial intelligence has shown a trend of centralized explosion. Beijing middle school, Beijing No. 80 middle school and Chenjinglun middle school took the lead in making bold attempts with an open attitude. Since 2017, Beijing middle school has put artificial intelligence into daily campus management. More than 600 students in the school are equipped with an intelligent bracelet to record students' dynamic campus life. Smart bracelets can save a lot of data, and schools can understand the characteristics of each student through the analysis of data

it is reported that the data can be used to analyze whether the students' daily exercise volume meets the standard, which can provide students with a data portrait of campus life. In this way, teachers can work with students to customize reasonable learning and life plans according to data analysis, and cultivate students' ability of self planning and self-management. Students can observe all behavior data independently and supervise themselves at any time. In addition to using artificial intelligence technology in management, Beijing middle school also opened a digital space maker space to promote the connection between the school and society. Guide students to use the latest technology to explore the future and unknown world, so as to promote the promotion and application of the new generation of artificial intelligence in schools. In terms of constantly enriching students' learning resources, the school has built and implemented a maker center and opened artificial intelligence courses such as 3D modeling, programming, robotics, etc

Chaoyang completed the first artificial intelligence practice tutorial textbook (small label)

at the artificial intelligence teaching seminar in primary and secondary schools in Beijing, Wang Ge, a middle school information teaching researcher and head of the comprehensive Department of Chaoyang District teaching and Research Center, and Guo Chunling, a primary school information teaching researcher, shared their experience from the aspects of curriculum construction background, curriculum system sorting, curriculum compilation dimension, curriculum development progress, curriculum teaching implementation strategy, etc. With the joint efforts of Chaoyang District, the first textbook of "artificial intelligence practice course speech recognition Basics" has been completed

it is understood that in the next three years, Chaoyang District will increase special investment in artificial intelligence, strengthen the learning exchange of each teaching and research staff, and promote artificial intelligence teaching in a planned way. In 2019, seminars, summit forums, on-site observation and promotion meetings with AI as the theme will be held to popularize AI knowledge and cultivate informatization awareness. It is expected that AI will cover the actual teaching of 15 school districts in Chaoyang District in 2021

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