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Asia Pacific interconnection enters a new stage construction machinery export opportunities

Asia Pacific interconnection enters a new stage construction machinery export opportunities

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with the APEC meeting and the upcoming the Belt and Road plan, the interconnection of the Asia Pacific region will enter a new stage. Infrastructure construction is a prerequisite for connectivity. With the support of the Asian investment bank and the 100 billion scale special fund, domestic construction machinery and other infrastructure enterprises are expected to accelerate the pace of "going global" and usher in a good opportunity for the Nuggets overseas market

The APEC meeting, which starts on November 5, will focus on regional economic integration, strengthening all-round connectivity and infrastructure construction. In addition, at the APEC Finance Ministers' meeting held in late October, promoting infrastructure investment and financing cooperation has become the biggest highlight, and China will invest in promoting APEC regional infrastructure

it is reported that the the Belt and Road plan is imminent. It is worth noting that due to the high degree of overlap between APEC economies and the "the Belt and Road" economic belt, the "the Belt and Road" policy is no longer an independent domestic policy, but a policy focusing on the Asia Pacific region. Infrastructure (4) and the construction of pre input sample size before the experiment will be a strong connection point between the "the Belt and Road" plan and APEC economies in the future

driven by the APEC meeting and the the Belt and Road plan, infrastructure investment in the Asia Pacific region will usher in a new round of growth. According to agency estimates, the infrastructure investment demand in the Asia Pacific region in the next 10 years will reach $8trillion, with huge potential space. Domestic construction machinery and other equipment enterprises have ushered in a period of major strategic opportunities to expand overseas markets, which is also conducive to alleviating domestic overcapacity

in addition, the second China International Construction Machinery Fair, jointly hosted by the China International Chamber of Commerce, the China Machinery Industry Federation and other units, will be held in Xuzhou on November. The purpose of the conference is to build an exchange platform and promote the export of domestic construction machinery and equipment. According to the data, the export volume of China's construction machinery reached 19.53 billion US dollars in 2013. Asia is the main CFRP market, and the density is far less than that of the metal export market, accounting for 46.9%. With the promotion of the construction of the the Belt and Road, infrastructure investment in the Asia Pacific region will enter a period of rapid growth. Construction machinery enterprises with overseas market experience are expected to gain more market share

in terms of the company, XCMG machinery is mainly engaged in lifting and concrete engineering machines. This verification method is also clearly stipulated in the coaxiality verification in the regulation of electronic universal testing machine. The 2014 semi annual report shows that the overseas market revenue accounts for 12.72%, and the main business is concentrated in the Asia Pacific region. The major shareholder of the company is Xuzhou municipal government. Considering that the reform of state-owned assets in Jiangsu has no restrictions on the holding of competitive enterprises, there is much room for follow-up integration. Liugong, a company under the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Guangxi, has strong competitive strength in the field of earth rock machinery. The 2014 semi annual report showed that overseas revenue accounted for 17.21%. In recent years, the company has made great progress in exporting products to Southeast Asia, including Thailand. The company's loaders, excavators and other mechanical products have participated in the construction of transportation, water conservancy, infrastructure construction and other projects in Thailand. Changlin Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in shovel transportation and road machinery, and the controlling shareholder is China machinery industry group, a central enterprise, with overseas business accounting for 30%. Public information shows that the company's large tonnage loaders and other products have been exported to Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries for use, and their superior performance and good reliability are highly recognized by customers

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