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A week's market review of Jiangsu polyester filament Market (2..05)

Business News Agency, March 5

Jiangsu polyester filament market is basically in a weak market decline. Compared with plastic products, the market atmosphere is depressed, and the manufacturer's production and sales rate is not ideal, basically around 30% to 40%. After the market quotation is reduced, it is barely flat at present, but the preferential margin is increased in the actual transaction. From the perspective of market sales varieties, POY sales have weakened, and the demand for POY has also fallen. DTY movable pins are multi hole wires, such as dty75d/144f, 150d/144f, 288F and other semi dull products. The better FDY sales are matte silk and fine denier silk. In addition, the sales of dayuangguang FDY fine denier silk have fallen. The downstream ethylene production plant of China Secco Petrochemical has been shut down for inspection on March 10, and its purchasing power has weakened. However, the production base of high-end industrial aluminum materials in An'an, which is under construction this time, covers an area of 200 mu. The sales of dayuangguang FDY coarse denier silk used for the production of Oxford cloth and decorative fabrics have not decreased. At present, the local polyester filament market is weak up and down, and it is expected that the future market of local polyester filament will still be weak and down in the short term. The quotation of POY 75d/36f in the market is yuan/ton. The successful feeding of POY project gasification workshop B furnace once is 75d/72f yuan/ton, DTY 75d/36f yuan/ton, DTY 75d/72f (light) yuan/ton, DTY 75d/144f yuan/ton, DTY 150d/288f yuan/ton, FDY 50d/24f yuan/ton, FDY 63d/24f yuan/ton, FDY 75d/36f (light) yuan/ton, FDY 150d/96f yuan/ton

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