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Careful selection of decoration materials, don't let love home be "poisoned"

now, decoration pollution has been listed as one of the five environmental factors that do the greatest harm to the public, and the problem of indoor air pollution has attracted more and more attention. Then, how to avoid decoration pollution when decorating

does the formaldehyde in your newly decorated house meet the standard? Does benzene and ammonia exceed the standard? Now, decoration pollution has been listed as one of the five environmental factors that do the greatest harm to the public. The problem of indoor air pollution has attracted more and more attention. Then, how to avoid home decoration pollution during decoration

paint and coating are the largest sources of pollution

decoration cannot be separated from paint and coating, but the improper purchase of these two substances will also become the largest source of pollution in the home. The free formaldehyde contained in latex paint is the main pollutant in the indoor environment. Long term exposure will make people feel unwell, headache, dizziness, nausea, and even cause nasal cancer. Therefore, pay special attention when purchasing

generally, you should pay attention to the purchase of coatings or paints that do not contain any harmful ingredients to prevent bacteria from growing on the surface of the coating. In addition, there are some building materials with health preservation function in the market. Health preservation home decoration products are not only safer and more environmental friendly, with zero formaldehyde, zero heavy metals, non-toxic and harmless, but also can quickly decompose formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, and effectively purify the air. It also pays more attention to the health preservation performance of building materials on the human body, which has the function of regulating the human body. At the same time, when purchasing these decoration materials by yourself, check whether the environmental protection test report is qualified. If it is purchased by a home decoration company, you need to ask whether it is environmentally friendly and require it to provide a test report before purchasing. Before use, you can open it and smell it to see the situation of fumigating nose and pricking eyes, and simply judge whether it is environmentally friendly

the choice of waterproof coating should not be ignored

many people always pay attention to paint, coating, plate, etc. when avoiding home decoration pollution. Pay little attention to some details. The waterproof works of bathroom and kitchen are the places that everyone pays special attention to when decorating the house. They don't want to cause trouble to themselves or neighbors due to water leakage

some people also use waterproof coatings whose main ingredient is one component cement-based acrylate. These coatings will contain a small amount of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, which will make the toxic substances run to "your" home unconsciously. It is suggested that when purchasing waterproof coatings with two-component acrylic acid or EPDM as the main component, the harmful substances in these waterproof coatings have tended to be zero, which will not threaten the health problems of family members

glue makes pollution spread in the cracks

when decorating a house, it is inevitable to use glue when installing floors and tiles. Although the amount of floor glue used in floor installation is small, we cannot ignore its environmental protection. If the floor glue is unqualified, the pollution of the whole room will exceed the standard

when choosing floor glue, attention should be paid to its waterproof performance and curing performance. A good floor glue should meet the European D3 waterproof standard. It is recommended that you choose to use imported indoor environmental protection glue. At the same time, try not to choose laminate flooring, because it uses more formaldehyde adhesives than other kinds of flooring, which is not a low-carbon product. In the installation process of single solid wood flooring, the glue used will also produce formaldehyde, but the problem is more or less, so try not to choose

ceramic tile adhesive is what we usually call ceramic tile adhesive, which is composed of inorganic bonding materials, selected bone fillers and synthetic resins, flexibility strengthening polymers and special additives. It is an article for pasting ceramic tiles, which can replace cement mortar, that is, the ceramic tile pasting material used in thin pasting method. Therefore, we should also pay attention to its environmental protection when choosing

make a "detoxification system" for the house

effectively deal with indoor air pollution. In addition to selecting green decorative materials that meet the national standards for detection and certification, we can also make a "detoxification system" for new houses that end the private mining, over mining and over production in the rare earth industry and disorderly competition as soon as possible, and place green plants, It can purify the air and moisturize the room

generally, in the living room of about 30 square meters, it is more appropriate to put twoorthree pots of plants more than 1 meter high. The bedroom is the main resting place for people. You can put a small basin of lavender. The smell of this purple blue flower is light but not thin, which is refreshing. In addition to ornamental, the flowers and plants placed in the bathroom also have the effects of purifying the air, absorbing moisture and deodorizing. However, due to space constraints, tall plants should not be selected. In addition, tiger tailed orchid, aloe, Adiantum, asparagus, Phyllostachys pubescens, cactus, etc. can improve air quality and eliminate harmful substances

in addition to adding these green plants indoors, we should often ventilate and light the room at ordinary times. Lighting and ventilation are conducive to the freshness of indoor air, and can also maintain the appropriate indoor temperature. In addition, sunlight [latest news price house type review] can kill some germs and will better detoxify the house

what are the manifestations of home decoration poisoning

now, many people know that home decoration pollution and its harm to people's health. If your body has the following symptoms, your home decoration may be "poisoned"

there are harsh and pungent smells in the room and they will last for a long time; When I get up in the morning, I feel sick, depressed, listless, sleepless, but I often feel poor breathing and uncomfortable throat when I don't smoke; Family members often have colds or long-term depression, lack of appetite, and mass skin allergies; Children will cry at home and be happy when they go out, and their immunity will decline; The husband and wife were infertile for a long time, and they could not find out that the working cylinder piston pair component of the original experimental machine was the cause of the force adding device during the experiment, or that the pregnant woman normally carried out self destruction pregnancy as needed, but it was soon found to be a deformed child; In newly relocated or newly decorated homes, plants are not easy to live, flowers fade faster, flowers are dying, and pets will die inexplicably

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