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Hucai printing group implements the lean production management mode in this way

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core tip: in order to more effectively help enterprise employees change their ideas and implement lean production, we first set up a wall thickness implementation organization composed of a leading group headed by the top leader in person and an executive group led by the vice president of production. The leading group establishes the implementation concept and values of lean production, and formulates the policies and objectives for the implementation of lean production; The implementation team formulates specific implementation plans and methods

in order to help employees change their ideas and implement lean production more effectively, we first set up an implementation organization composed of a leading group headed by the top leader and an executive group led by the deputy general manager of production. The leading group establishes the implementation concept and values of lean production, and formulates the policies and objectives for the implementation of lean production; The implementation team formulates specific implementation plans and methods

secondly, hold a general meeting to explain to all employees the current problems of the enterprise, the significance of introducing the lean production management mode, and the specific benefits that the lean production management mode can bring to customers, enterprises and employees, so that all employees can understand the determination of the enterprise to implement the lean production mode and reduce the implementation resistance from the perspective of ideology

again, invite lean production experts to systematically train all employees, especially the leading group, executive group and company backbone, so that they can fully understand and master the connotation and extension of lean production management mode, implementation methods and tools

in addition, it is also necessary to analyze and judge the existing processes and activities of the enterprise and identify non value-added activities; Establish the lean production implementation plan of the enterprise, implement specific areas and executors, clarify and implement various affairs as planned, and supervise and inspect; Take measures such as sticking red cards and removing red cards, promoting model areas and regular results conferences to carry out lean production activities

identify non value-added activities and carry out activities to increase revenue and reduce expenditure for all employees

in order to better identify non value-added activities, enterprises should also implement an effective proposal system

in practice, we should reduce the access threshold for proposals, especially for grass-roots employees. We should not ignore the proposals put forward by grass-roots employees, nor give up because they are small profits

sort out, pay attention to product quality and after-sales maintenance service process, establish standards, and do a good job in the whole process of benchmarking

printing enterprises should sort out and optimize the existing workflow and product process according to their actual situation, Reduce process complexity, improve operation efficiency, focus on the implementation of product indicators that customers focus on, appropriately adjust some indicators that do not affect product quality, establish scientific and reasonable production technology standards and internal efficiency and cost control standards, and regularly check and compare the suitability and achievement rate of these standards, especially for product quality status, plan completion rate and process achievement rate, machine material consumption, input-output rate The effective operation rate and intact rate of the equipment, the proportion of intangible damage, the effective auxiliary timing and other indicators are checked against the standard, the failure to meet the standard is analyzed, and different methods are adopted to rectify and implement accidental factors and system factors, so as to continuously improve the advanced level of various standards through management and work improvement

strengthen the maintenance of equipment to escort lean production

the hierarchical maintenance of equipment implements the principles of prevention first and the combination of maintenance and planned overhaul, so as to achieve correct use and careful maintenance, so that the equipment is in good condition and operates normally for a long period of time

it should be noted that in terms of maintenance and spare parts of equipment, it is recommended that printing enterprises actively explore the application scheme of substitutes. Under the same effect, if they can use domestic products, they don't need imported products, and if they can make their own products, they don't buy them, so as to minimize the time of waiting for accessories in maintenance and the purchase cost of accessories, improve the intact rate of equipment and reduce the maintenance cost of equipment at the same time

in addition, printing enterprises should also eliminate inappropriate equipment in time, upgrade and transform old equipment or introduce equipment with a higher degree of automation, improve the accuracy of equipment, reduce human subjective and unconscious errors, and lay an important foundation for lean production by pressing the oil pump control button on the dynamometer table of the hydraulic universal experimental machine

scientifically and reasonably formulate production plans and set up small order continuous production units

in general, the production plan with customer orders as instructions should be scientific and reasonable, fully understand customer needs and the preparation cycle of raw and auxiliary materials, and consider the capacity and limitations of equipment, other customers' urgent orders and special accidents, so as to ensure that the production plan is well implemented and delivered on time

from a small perspective, in the production process of each product, we should fully consider the capacity of bottleneck processes and the size of total orders, and decompose large batch orders into small unit orders to organize production. The production plan is arranged by using the production method of the post process to pull the pre process, and the cross mixed arrangement can effectively avoid the bottleneck process of each product, avoid the excessive stagnation of a certain product in the workshop, and reduce the shutdown of the post process caused by the capacity saturation of the bottleneck process, so that the production plan can make the production proceed smoothly and smoothly. In turn, smooth and stable production can promote the effective implementation of production plans

establish a quality management mode for all employees, pay close attention to the implementation of major quality factors

producers are the first person in quality problems. Producers should first pay attention to quality, establish the basic concept of quality first and efficiency second, rather than have the fluke that quality inspectors are responsible for inspection. The work focus of the process quality inspection personnel will change from the original on-site quality inspection to the quality work assessment, and from the product quality inspector to the supervisor of the implementation of product quality measures

major quality factors or long-term unresolved quality problems in the production process or a product are fatal stealth bombs produced by enterprises. Special projects should be established to solve these problems. The first person of the project team will be stationed to follow up, and the cause analysis will be carried out within a time limit to identify factors such as material selection, process design, operation mode, equipment and supervision and verification methods; List the three major and seven minor factors, formulate corresponding measures respectively, focus on the follow-up of the three major factors, and comprehensively supervise the seven minor factors; Establish a positive working attitude of never giving up until problems are solved, create an atmosphere of courage and willingness to face problems, and improve the ability to trace and solve problems, so as to truly achieve the purpose of quality control by all staff

strengthen training and learning, strengthen the performance management of all employees

when training employees, we should fully understand the real needs of employees, and implement the training work, rather than training to complete the class tasks of training. The principle of combining internal senior personnel with external education should be adopted

the establishment of performance appraisal is to decompose the enterprise's lean production objectives, implement them layer by layer, and evaluate the quality of lean production work, so that everyone has goals and everything has evaluation. Enterprises should establish objective systems according to different departments and different work properties, formulate performance evaluation indicators, and decompose and implement various objectives layer by layer. And the forum will continue to be held this morning to publicize and visualize the objectives, regularly assess and find the reasons for the gap, and turn the objectives into the driving force and direction of work, which will be achieved through the efforts of all staff

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