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Choose 3C tempered glass as much as possible when choosing aquarium. Don't just look at the "appearance"

aquarium is used to raise goldfish, aquatic plants and other aquatic animals, which has a good ornamental effect. Nowadays, many citizens like to add a large aquarium to their homes to raise fish or aquatic plants. Recently, when decorating her new house, Ms. Wei, a citizen of Nanning, also wanted to install an aquarium at home, but she was a little dazzled in the face of various aquariums in the market with different prices. Ms. Wei said that she had seen reports of aquarium explosion injuries on the Internet, and her heart was even worse

professionals said that aquariums have certain potential safety hazards. DuPont industrial bioscience company said that in order to minimize this hazard, citizens who buy aquariums should try to choose brand products and carefully check the texture, thickness and workmanship of the glass. In addition, the aquarium should be placed in a place where family activities are less, and the surrounding ground should be kept dry. The electrical appliances in the box should also be checked frequently. Aquarium size and water level are also exquisite

don't forget the potential safety hazards even if you have a beautiful appearance

previously, a fish tank in a trial restaurant on Shuguang middle road in Liuzhou suddenly burst, causing 8 people to be injured; The fish tank in a citizen's home suddenly burst, and a large amount of water poured into the living room and dining room, and the wooden floor was soaked in soup. It can be seen that it takes a lot of effort to choose a beautiful and safe aquarium

in Guangxi flower and bird market, it is found that some glass Aquariums of the same specification sold on the market are as high as thousands of yuan, and some only charge hundreds of yuan. Faced with such a wide range of prices, citizens often cannot identify the quality of fish tanks with the naked eye, and can only listen to the introduction of businesses. In the face of various explanations from merchants, many citizens also feel confused

learned from many sellers that aquariums have a wide variety of materials, usually two kinds of materials, one is acrylic, the other is glass. Glass is also divided into flat glass with different encouragement mechanisms, float glass and glued glass. The quality of flat glass is not very good, and the ability to bear water pressure is insufficient. Generally, it can only be used to make small aquariums. Large and medium aquariums must use float glass or reinforced glass. When shopping for aquariums, citizens should pay attention to that the larger the aquarium, the thicker the glass should be, so as to ensure safety

Mr. Huang, a citizen, is a veteran aquarium enthusiast. He suggested that you should first pay attention to safety when buying aquariums. The aquarium at home should not be too high, and you should pay attention to preventing children at home from contacting fish tanks or smashing things, etc; Try to buy products from regular manufacturers, and it is best to issue invoices. Regularly check the water pump and other accessories in the fish tank, and pay attention to the circuit safety

glass thickness and flatness are key.

Miss Qin, the owner of an aquarium, said that aquariums have many different specifications, and the price difference is relatively large. The filtration system of aquarium is divided into three types: upper, side and bottom. For large aquarium, the effect of upper filtration is not very good. It is recommended to choose side or bottom filtration aquarium. In addition, the shape and color of the aquarium rack should be matched with the surrounding furniture and decoration style

before buying an aquarium, you should first think about where to put it at home, and pay attention not to be directly exposed to the sun, so as not to interfere with family activities; In addition, we have to consider whether the drainage and water supply are convenient. First reserve a prominent position at home, then measure the size of this position, and then go to the store to choose the specification and style of the aquarium. In addition to the aquarium, the aquarium also needs heating rods, water pumps, lighting lamps, filters and other accessories. You can ask the store more clearly when asking the price

insiders also specially remind that the thickness and flatness of the glass are very important. The thickened fish tank can withstand larger water pressure, better safety performance, and less likely to burst; In addition, when selecting fish tanks, carefully observe whether the glass thickness is uniform, whether there are cracks, and whether the glass adhesive is meticulous and uniform. When customizing fish tanks, consumers should try to choose tempered glass with "3C" certification

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how to choose aquarium

1 The aquarium on sale has two kinds of materials, one is acrylic, the other is glass

when purchasing acrylic aquarium, you should pay attention to whether there are scratches and scratches on the surface, nodules, circular vortices, surface shrinkage marks (especially at the corner), cracks, hemp spots, mildew spots, alkali marks, water marks, bubbles and foreign impurities in the middle of the plate

glass aquarium has high transparency, is not easy to produce scratches, and has strong pressure resistance. The glass aquarium is glued with silica gel. The safety of the glued part depends on whether the thickness of the glue is uniform. Glue 10 Unit conversion: whether there are bubbles in KGF

2. Generally, aquariums with a length of less than 80 cm use mm thick glass; Cm large aquarium, using mm thick glass; For the sake of safety, "i-bones" should also be stuck on the inner wall of the aquarium to increase the safety of the aquarium

3. The choice of aquarium frame is also not sloppy. It is the support of aquarium. Its stability and firmness have a more obvious impact on the water. The safety of aquarium plays an extremely important role

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